Youth a key part of revolution

BY:Jeff Humphrey| January 24, 2012

As a high school student, I know firsthand that many youth in our country are usually not talking about politics, but rather, are discussing items such as music, school gossip, and their plans for the weekend. Their minds are almost always far from the realms of affairs of state, but in these momentous times, the conversation is starting to change.

I was in my science class doing an experiment with a friend, when I overheard a conversation among some students. Normally, if it’s just some gossip, or something of no importance, I would tune it out. But what they were talking about caught my interest.

I realized that what they were talking about was politics. The students were talking about how the rich were taking from the middle class; about how imperialism got America involved in two world wars. Even the phrase “military industrial complex” was quoted. They were worried about the new online piracy act, and the government’s defense initiative. They were talking about their civil rights being taken away, and saying that someone needed to do something.

The Occupy movement was also a main topic of conversation. They noted that they could sympathize with the movement’s aims and methods.

The young people in this country are now worried about the government and its impact, and this can be seen as a wonderful development – something that has not been seen since the 60’s. This kind of awakening is important for any revolutionary struggle. If this generation wants a successful victory against the one percent, then the progressive coalitions must listen to the needs and wants of the country’s youth.

The youth are the future, and they will want solutions that are long lasting, because it is they who will live with the consequences of what happens today. As such, it might serve them well to feel an increased sense of responsibility – that means members of the Young Communist League and the Communist Party increasing their efforts to communicate with young people and finding out what they see as an important goal for this struggle.

As the youth display a growing interest in working together for a common good, it would seem imperative to seize any opportunity to use whatever advantages they have at their disposal. One powerful option would be to utilize the schools and the malls, and use the Internet more widely to get the message across.

A particularly important message that would serve young people well, including those who may be reading articles of this nature right now, is that this is the time for youth to do something great; to make a difference by questioning government, by participating in political groups, and by making their voice heard through any medium they can. Only by participating in progressive efforts can the next generation shape the future for the better.

Young supporters of the progressive movement, many feel, cannot afford to waste one of the most important opportunities in their lives to change society for the better. The youth in the U.S. have the power to impact society, and it would seem incredibly important that they use it.

Students of our schools must unite.



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