The unity imperative: Lessons for building the anti-fascist alliance

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The unity imperative: Lessons for building the anti-fascist alliance

BY: Joe Sims|September 7, 2022

Working-class leadership must be at the center of all coalition building.

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Philip Foner’s The Great Depression 1929 – 1932: A review

The William Z Foster led Trade Union Unity League played an important role and helped initiate the campaign that led to unemployment insurance.

BY: Norman Markowitz| February 3, 2023
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It’s going to take a mass movement

Building the working-class and democratic movements — and building the party — remain key to fighting the fascist danger.

BY: Joe Sims| February 3, 2023
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A grassroots alternative to Twitter: check it out

An alternative social media platform emerges with the potential to put more power in the hands of the people.

BY: Josh Franz| January 30, 2023
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Justice for Tyre Nichols and all victims of police crimes

Community control of police is vital to ending police crimes and terror.

People’s World sets $200K fund goal

People's World needs to hit a $200,000 fundraising goal to fulfill its mission in 2023.

BY: John Bachtell| January 27, 2023
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