The road ahead and the battle for democracy

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The road ahead and the battle for democracy

BY: Joe Sims|July 11, 2023

The recent CPUSA National Committee meeting outlined the challenges ahead, looking toward the 2024 elections and the party's upcoming national convention.

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Show solidarity with striking auto workers

Find out how you can support UAW workers in their fight.

BY: CPUSA Labor Commission| September 21, 2023
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CP and YCL marches to end fossil fuels and war

While marching for climate justice, party activists worked to help build the struggle for peace.

BY: Communist Party USA| September 19, 2023
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International notes: Communists worldwide demand democracy and peace

Communists in Bangladesh and Peru are demanding democratic reforms. In Switzerland and South Africa, they are calling for peace and opposing U.S. interventions.

BY: CPUSA International Department| September 14, 2023
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Justice for the Jacksonville three

Justice for A.J. Laguerre, Angela Michelle Carr, and Jerrald De’Shaun Gallion means building a mass democratic movement to uproot systemic racism.

Ohio CP: Ta’Kiya Young’s murderer must be fired and charged

On Aug. 24th, officer Conner Grubb murdered Ta'Kiya Young, a young mother of two and pregnant with a baby daughter. The Ohio CP stands with the family in demanding justice.

BY: Ohio District| September 8, 2023
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