From uprising to elections and beyond

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From uprising to elections and beyond

BY: Joe Sims|June 9, 2020

Report to the CPUSA National Committee on the uprising and the tasks ahead.

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Billionaires are watching China. So should we.

Recovering from the current crisis, let alone transforming our society, is a task beyond the anarchy of the market and the authoritarian fantasies of U.S. billionaires.  China, led by its...

BY: John Case| August 4, 2020
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CPUSA co-chair Rossana Cambron is hopeful about the growing people’s movements

CPUSA Co-chair Rossana Cambron on the pandemic in the Latino community, the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Indigenous rights in Oklahoma, and hope for the future.

BY: John Bachtell| July 30, 2020
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Pandemic lesson #1: Incompetence kills

Without collective cooperation and effective leadership, the virus will continue to rule our lives.

BY: Wayne Nealis| July 29, 2020
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For an alternative to policing!

Police violence against the African American community is nothing new. The difference is that now it is being filmed.

BY: Maicol David Lynch| July 29, 2020
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Try socialism: Put people before police budgets and tanks!

Socialism is what we need to be prosperous, healthy, and happy.

BY: Ismael Parra| July 29, 2020
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