From uprising to elections and beyond

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From uprising to elections and beyond

BY: Joe Sims|June 9, 2020

Report to the CPUSA National Committee on the uprising and the tasks ahead.

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Election victory: Rising tide of struggle and unity

The extraordinary effort of labor and people's organizations is the victory. What are the tasks ahead?

An antidote for “truth decay”: Publicly fund the news

In the era of "truth is what you make of it," we need to get back to news reporting and analysis allied with real people experiences.

BY: Joe Sims| November 17, 2020
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Israelis celebrate Trump’s defeat

"Trump's out, Bibi is next," was a rallying cry at anti-Netanyahu protests across Israel.

BY: Adam Keller| November 12, 2020
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International Notes: Leftist parties weigh in on U.S. elections

A view of the U.S. elections from around the world.

BY: Emile Schepers| November 12, 2020
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Trump not going away quietly; nor should we

Trump's refusal to cede the election spells trouble for democracy.

BY: Joe Sims| November 11, 2020
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