The unity imperative: Lessons for building the anti-fascist alliance

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The unity imperative: Lessons for building the anti-fascist alliance

BY: Joe Sims|September 7, 2022

Working-class leadership must be at the center of all coalition building.

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Abolition Geography: Essays Towards Liberation: A Review

"Human sacrifice" is an organizing principle of capitalism. What's the solution?

BY: Joel Wendland-Liu| June 1, 2023
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CPUSA statement on the removal of Elizabeth Gurley Flynn’s historical marker in New Hampshire

If Elizabeth Gurley Flynn’s life is worth hiding, it’s worth knowing.

BY: Communist Party USA| May 30, 2023
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The U.S. military budget is a threat to democracy

U.S. war profits are swallowing the country's major resources while spreading destruction at home and abroad. What can be done to end it?

Our plan of action uses every tool in the toolbox

In today's concrete situation, building a mass, working-class-led, revolutionary movement requires participation in the electoral arena of struggle.

BY: Dom Shannon| May 23, 2023
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Twin Cities CP: active and fighting on all fronts

The Twin Cities' CP club has had a busy year. Take a look at what they've been up to!

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