Pre-Convention Discussion

This page features an index of all the main contributions to the discussion period leading up to the 29th National Convention of the Communist Party USA.

Discusssion Guidelines

Well-prepared contrbutions that meet the guidelines for discssion can be sent to

This list, however, is not comprehensive. Much of the discsussion is happeneing in community meetings, party clubs and districts, in online forums and on other websites that are official venues of the discussion. We have tried to link here to all the major contributions.

The Communist Party takes no responsibility for the opinions expressed during the Convention Discussion period. Those views do not necessarily reflect the views of the Communist Party, its leading bodies or staff members. The CPUSA Constitution, Program, and all its existing policies remain in effect during the Convention discussion period and during the Convention.

Full rules and guidelines for the discussion  •  Guía para la discusión en español

Main Discussion Documents

The following four documents were approved by the National Committee of the Communist Party to get the discussion rolling.

U.S. Politics at a Transition Point
International Issues & U.S. Foreign Policy
The Party Program in a Period of Transition
New Opportunities to Grow the Communist Party

En español:

La Política en un Punto de Transición
Cuestiones Internacionales y Política Exterior de los EEUU
El Programa del Partido en un Periodo de Transición
Nuevas Oportunidades de Crecer el Partido Comunista

Special Contributions

The National Board of the Communist Party solicited the following two special discussion documents to discuss key racially and nationally oppressed peoples in the U.S.

Special Report: Mexican American Equality    PDF version coming soon!
Special Report: African American Equality   PDF version coming soon!
Contributions to the discussion


Thoughts on some issues before us by a Philadelphia member

End the wars to fund jobs and human needs by CPUSA Peace & Solidarity Commission

Full employment and international livable wage by Peggy Dobbins

On criticizing Obama by Emile Schepers

The Struggle in Greece - Marxism vs Liberalism by Wadi'h Halabi

What defines the Communist Party? by Wadi'h Halabi

For a revitalized International Publishers! By Dennis Laumann

To Build Our Party - Rebuild Left and Intermediate Forms by Angelo D'Angelo & Ed Wlody

In answer to "Moving towards a leadership criteria" by E.E.W. Clay

2010 Elections, redistricting and census by Susan Stein

The Path To Socialism, and its "Marxist-Leninist" critics by John Case

The Party and May Day in New York... by John Pietaro

Electing the Communist Party national leadership — politics matter! by Dan Margolis & Judith Le Blanc

Revolution as the only solution? By Erwin Marquit

Summary of Party Building discussion by North Texas Club CPUSA

The need for better coordination of our Cuba solidarity work by Emile Schepers

Summary of club discussion by Yale Workers Club CPUSA

Superiority by Dee Myles

Much ado about something by Elena Mora

Recruiting and building the membership by Shelby Richardson

Connecticut CPUSA convention summary by Joelle Fishman

Organizational report to the Connecticut state convention 2010 by Rocco Scavetta

The economic crisis in CT and the challenge for grass roots unity by Joelle Fishman

The Ligachev story - a tale for our time by Roger Keeran

Free the Cuban Five by John Stanford

Build the party - toward a labor balance sheet by Chris Butters

Strengthening our class and parties worldwide by Wadi'h Halabi

The crisis in education and the fight to save it by CPUSA Working Committee on Public Education

For a CPUSA that honors the Soviet experience by Angelo D'Angelo

Moving towards a leadership criteria by Tony Pecinovsky

Let's stick to the facts by Chester Steorra

Some disagreements on international document by Chris Butters

Reading Gramsci by Gary Bono

An open letter to delegates by Lawrence Albright

Summary of Eastern PA Membership Discussion by Eastern PA & DE District CPUSA

The Communist Party and the Visceral Weapon of Culture by John Pietaro

Zionism is a form of racism, and racism has no place in our Communist Party! by Gary Hicks

Report to Southern California Convention Discussion by Rossana Cambron

For a return to the CPUSA's antiwar principles by Mark Anderson

Report to Northern California Convention Discussion by Juan Lopez

Unity, Coalition and Tax the Rich by the Alert Senior Club (New Haven, CT), CPUSA

For Marxism by Joseph Hancock

Pre-Convention Comment by Al Markowitz

Summary of Pre-Convention Discussion by the Central Indiana Club, CPUSA

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them by Thomas Kenny

Summary of Oregon CP Discussion by Oregon District, CPUSA

Religion in the Current Period by Religion Commission, CPUSA

Building Labor/People's Electoral Power by Political Action Commission, CPUSA

The CPUSA and the LGBT Community by Daniel Elash

Summary of club discussion by the North Texas Club

Whatever Happened to the Org Department? by Elena Mora

A Cadre Party Now More Than Ever! by Frank Redfield

New York's Road to the Future by the New York State Committee

Working Class Leadership by the Winchester Club (New Haven, CT)

For an Organization Rooted in Our Traditional Values by C. J. Atkins

Summary of club discussion by Fair Haven club (New Haven, CT)

Kicking it up a notch... means adding the Communist Plus! by Michael Scheinberg

Thoughts On "A Call for United Action" by Eric Brooks

On Party Democracy by District Committee, Eastern PA & DE CPUSA

The Main Immediate Task of the CPUSA by Sharon Rose & Gary Hicks

More thoughts for the Party Convention by Norman Markowitz

The struggle for socialism surrounds us by Eric Brooks

Tailing the Democrats and forsaking struggle by Thomas Kenny

Summary of Connecticut CP Membership Discussion by Connecticut Communist Party USA

Moving from anti-ultra-right to anti-monopoly by David Bester

Against the Anti-Communist Impulse: Getting our History Right by Nicholas Hewko

CPUSA at the crossroads by the Houston Club, CPUSA

Communists in the Mass Movements by David Bell

What's the difference between the CPUSA and progressive Democrats? by Dan Margolis

Critique of CPUSA Statement on International Affairs by W. T. Whitney

Imperialism enters the 21st Century: Latin America by Emile Schepers

The movement needs to kick it up a notch by John Rummel

Summary of membership discussion by Northern California Communist Party

U.S. politics in transition by Frank Valdez

For truth and reconciliation by Ari Goldman

The 'old bug' of opportunism returns by Mark Anderson

Some observations by Emil Shaw

What should be done? by Josh Morris

What is our inspiration? by Erica Smiley

Some Thoughts for the Party Convention by Norman Markowitz

It's Time for Anti-Capitalism by David Bester

The Ultra-Right has Not Been Decisively Defeated by Joel Wendland

Progressive Tax Policy Needed by Beatrice Lumpkin

The Communist Plus and Plan of Work by David Bell

Experiences with the newer technology by Jim Lane

A View from a new member by Ron Gray

A reply to "A Time to Grow" by Dan Margolis

What can we learn from the movement for healthcare reform? by David Bell

Build the Party!: a Response to "Save the Party"

Save the Party by

Religion in the current period by the CPUSA Religious Commission