CPUSA Peace Conference Presentations

BY:CPUSA Internet Department| March 15, 2002

‘Imperialism and the Struggle for Peace in the 21st Century.’

Portions of this National Meeting on Peace and Solidarity of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) were webcast live from Chicago via streaming audio right here at www.cpusa.org.

Saturday March 16th:

Click here to hear the full streaming audio of the Opening Report — Turn around the Bush Administration policy of unending war at home and abroad.

Click here to hear the full streaming audio of the Panel Presentations on Peace Campaigns

Sunday March 17th:

Click here to hear the full streaming audio of the Panel Presentations on Solidarity

Some themes that will be discussed in the Conference:

Global dangers of war are heightened more than we’ve seen in decades. These war dangers are driven by the new stage of corporate globalization and the drive for world dominance by the transnational corporations and U.S. Imperialism.

*The newly-released nuclear doctrine of the Bush Administration increases the danger of nuclear warfare.

*The war against terrorism is being used to attack legitimate liberation forces in countries like the Philippines and Colombia.

*At home, the Bush Administration continues to use the pain and fear caused by the September 11th attack to unleash a vicious campaign against basic democratic rights at home.

*The bloated military budget aids in the right-wing anti-people attack which deprives our communities of vital social services and programs.

This and many other recent developments makes the struggle for Peace a longer-term concern on the part of the CPUSA, and movements of labor, civil rights, women’s equality, etc. The broad progressive agenda for democracy and people’s needs must not underestimate the nuclear danger and the danger of a wider war. The struggle against the possibility of nuclear war can be a powerful mobilizer for broad section of American people concerned with the long-term survival of the world.


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