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The Marxist Classes: Clubs, the heart of the party

Connecticut Communist Party leaders present on the role of CPUSA clubs as the foundation of multi-racial working class organizing and party building.

BY: Communist Party USA|June 10, 2023
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The Marxist Classes: The CPUSA party program

CPUSA co-chair Joe Sims presents on Road to Socialism at the CPUSA Online National Marxist School.

BY: Communist Party USA|June 10, 2023
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The Marxist Classes: Give Peace a Chance — China and the World Today

In recognition of MLK's "Beyond Vietnam" speech, Friends of Socialist China co-editor Carlos Martinez presents on China's development and the need to end the U.S.-led Cold War against China.

BY: Communist Party USA|January 22, 2023
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The Marxist Classes: Labor’s Untold Story

National book talk: "Fundamentally, labor's story is the story of the American people." Take a listen to this book talk and put Labor's Untold Story on your reading list!

BY: Communist Party USA|December 5, 2022
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The Marxist Classes: Redefining working-class USA and working-class culture

How do we define the working class, and what do working class people have in common? What challenges to the U.S. working class have emerged in academia in recent decades?

BY: Communist Party USA|May 14, 2022
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Anti-immigrant racism is a focal point of right wing ideology.

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Stand with families on the border

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