Greetings from the Communist Party of Bangladesh

July 20, 2005

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bangladesh extends warm comradely greetings to the 28th National Convention of the Communist Party, USA.

Your Convention meets at a very challenging time. In Bangladesh we are now confronting a two-pronged attack from the dark forces of communal extremism and imperialism. Together they have brought our country to the brink of disaster. Bangladesh is a classic example of what the prescriptions of WB, IMF, WTO dictated neo-liberal reform policies of free market, de-regulation, privatization etc. mean for a marginalised peripheral country. Results of these reforms have been catastrophic for the economy as well as for the social fabric and political process of the country. Imperialism is openly dictating and directing our economic-social-political policies, is trying to devour our oil-gas resources, forcing on us humiliating and harmful agreements, compelling us to allow free entry and activity for U.S. army and secret services, conspiring to take over control of our main seaport and set up naval base in the Bay of Bengal.

It is not to the liking of imperialism that CPUSA-led Left Forces and anti-war coalitions should continue a large mass movement in the USA who is steering up global anti-imperialist struggle.

The present Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP)-led rightist four-party Alliance government has Jamat-e-Islam as a partner. This communal party was a collaborator of the Pakistani occupation forces in 1971 and their leaders were involved in genocide and war crimes. Making shrewd use of the failures and bankruptcies of the two major bourgeois parties, BNP and Awami League, and with the patronage of military rulers over long years and with the direct connivance of U.S. imperialism, Jamat has not only been able to increase its strength to menacing proportions, it is now in the government with two cabinet Ministers and has infiltrated the state apparatus significantly. Armed militant Islamic fundamentalist paramilitary groups have sprung up, and bomb-grenade attacks on communist, progressive, secular forces and individuals are taking place. Big caches of illegal arms are being discovered and open declarations are being given of setting up a Taliban regime. Although the hands of Jamat cadres are evident behind all such incidents, the USA is giving the certificate of a democratic party to Jamat. We the communists of Bangladesh are determined to spare no efforts to combat this mortal danger emanating from the two-headed monster of imperialism and communalism.

You in the USA are well aware of how great a danger war, racism and imperialism are. We all are victims of the intensified assault of imperialism. Thisalong with terrorism and poverty, hunger, mal-nourishment, unemployment, pollution of environment, etc.are common problems for all of us. This calls for increased unity, cooperation and coordination among the democratic, secular, progressive, left and peace forces, and above all the Communists of all countries.

Your National Convention meets at a time when humanity is confronted with unparalleled dangers. U.S. imperialism has embarked on a rapacious and atrocious assault of the major achievements of the past century proclaiming dangerous doctrines like those of limited sovereignty, unilateral action, preemptive attack, regime change etc. Freedom is being trampled under foot and nations are being harnessed to the global geopolitical strategy of imperialism to accentuate economic exploitation and social-political domination. U.S. imperialism has practically embarked on the mission of re-colonization.

Humanity, however, is starting to fight back. The struggles against U.S.-led imperialist aggression and occupation, against the unfettered exploitation of multinational corporations and the machinations of the World Bank, IMF, WTO etc., against the continuing destruction of bio-diversity and the stubborn refusal to take urgent steps for preventing environmental calamityall these struggles are gearing up throughout the world. The future belongs to this great global power, the united power of all peoples of all lands, in its ability to confront the attacks of imperialism.

Indeed the global assault of capitalism-imperialism calls for a new global coalition of all anti-imperialist forces of the world, for raising to a qualitatively new level the unity, cohesion, cooperation and coordination of the struggles of these forces all over the world. The Communist and Workers Parties of the world have a crucial role to play in building up this broad coalition and spearheading the struggle for peace, democracy and justice. We all must intensify our activities in our own countries, but at the same time we must not make the grave mistake of regarding our international activities simply as residual work. The Communist Party of Bangladesh stands firmly beside your Party in this great struggle of the new century. The CC of CPB reiterates its support to the great struggles that lie ahead of our Comrades in the USA and wishes the 28th National Convention of CPUSA great success in fulfilling the challenging tasks it is confronted with.

With warm revolutionary greetings

Mujahidul Islam Selim
General Secretary, Central Committee


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