Greetings from the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)


Dear Comrades,

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Brazil we congratulate the Communist Party of the USA and its members on the occasion of the 28th National Convention of the CPUSA. This is an important opportunity to strengthen the American peoples movement for democracy and socialism.

Your 28th National Convention occurs during a special moment of the international political scene. US imperialism has intensified its aggressiveness, as was manifested by the re-colonialist war against Afghanistan and Iraq. In addition, a number of countries are menaced by US imperialism and military aggression. Worldwide, the hegemony of neoliberal ideas is maintained, although its implementation is being repelled by a greater number of nations and countries.

The global scene reveals the predominance of a long conservative and counter-revolutionary cycle, as well as the increase of resistance, as main aspects of present historical period. The beginning of the XXI Century is marked by a more comprehensive and powerful imperialist offensive against populations and sovereign nations around the world, mainly conducted by the United States. This goes against the interests of peoples and countries all around the world. It is also the basis of an increasing movement which creates several opposite poles to this hegemony.

Since the September 11condemned by communist and other progressive forces all around the worldUS imperialism discovered a false pretext to start a bigger and brutal offensive in order to impose its domain over peoples and nations.

In Latin America, an increase of the resistance with characteristics of an active resistance can be seen. Also, a strong increment of social struggles is present in the region. Important political advances can be observed regarding the electoral victories of progressive forces at the national level in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and, more recently, in Uruguay. This is a moment when the most advanced sectors of Latin America societies are gathering force.

In case of Brazil, Lulas administration is trying to make the changes that were promised to the Brazilian people. The government, nevertheless, has submitted to all kind of pressures and constraints from financial capital and due to the heavy heritage of the neoliberal period. During recent weeks, Lulas government is suffering strong attacks from the right wing defeated in 2002, which has wide support from the conservative press.

On the occasion of the 28th National Convention of the CPUSA, the Communist Party of Brazil renews its commitment of fraternal and internationalist friendship with your Party. We hope the CPUSA leaves this 28th National Convention stronger and more united on the struggle for socialism.

Our best wishes for a successful Convention.

Warmest greetings,

Central Committee


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