Greetings to the 100th Anniversary, 31st National Convention of the Communist Party USA

BY:Denise Winebrenner-Edwards| July 3, 2019

Greetings to the most militantly humane, strongest, united, political convention in our country. I regret I am unable to celebrate the Communist Party’s 100th anniversary and forge a winning path forward to victory in 2020 and socialism with you. I am confident that your successful deliberations will be recorded in the history that follows.

From over 70 million families in every part of the world fleeing the terror of war, to violent and brutal racism, to wonton destruction of our blue gem planet, to deepening oppression of moms, girls, aunts and grandmothers, to dangerously stressful/underpaid workplaces, to trick- bag red-baiting, capitalist class raw exploitation is in crisis. With pride we can say, workers are on the move. The Communist Party is on the move. The clock is ticking on the capitalist era.

All struggles are local and elections are no exception. Our campaign committee was successful in the latest round of municipal elections in Wilkinsburg, PA. Throughout, more volunteers joined up sacrificing time from their families. Housing emerged as the main issue, but social security, health care fracking and education were in play. Privatization reared its ugly head, but voters chased that reptile back under its rock. We increased turn-out. New younger voters, African-American and white, came out, exceeding super-voters (voters who vote in every election) for the first time in a local election. In addition to housing, new voters responded to our campaign’s call for dignity and respect – rejecting the mean spirited lying that has characterized elections for all levels of government. We would like to urge you to take a look at your home town, city, and consider how we can make a contribution to blunting the impact of capitalism in decline.

Best wishes to all, safe travel home and Take it easy, but take it.

Denise Winebrenner Edwards,
Member of Wilkinsburg Borough Council, Wilkinsburg, PA


    Denise is a member of the Borough Council in Wilkinsburg, PA.

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