Henry P. ‘Heine’ Huff

BY:Washington District| October 13, 2001


P. "Heine" Huff joined the Wobblies (IWW) in 1917, saw and

learned from the Centralia conspiracy struggle while working as a railroad

switchman, and joined the Communist Party on January 1, 1920 as a Charter


Heine worked in Southwest Washington as a member of the District Committee

and District Board of the CPUSA, giving leadership in unemployed struggles,

the 1934 longshore strike, and the 1935 lumber strike. He was a member

of the National Committee of the CPUSA from 1944 to 1948.

Heine was indicted and finally acquitted in the infamous "thought

control" Smith Act case in 1953. His proudest achievement during

his life in the Party was recruiting between 250 and 300 members, exemplified

in winning a 1948 national Party Recruiting Drive, when he brought in

45 members in a 60-day period


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