Houston TX party club building a front against Trump

BY:Bernard Sampson| February 8, 2017
Houston TX party club building a front against Trump


The Houston club is working with several mass organizations to build an all-people’s front against Trump. Part of this struggle is ideological: We are speaking out wherever we can, including on our local websites and Facebook pages.

We also have a socialist reading group, the oldest such group in Texas.  One of our favorite activities is the Progressive Movie night which is held once a month on the third Sunday, held at our headquarters.

One of the coalitions we work with is the Houston Area Progressives, which  grew out of the Sanders campaign. This group is fielding a candidate for chair of the local county Democratic party.

The Houston CP club is also building a close and integrated plan of action with the local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).

Our strategy is to build a united front within the popular front. The united front includes Our Revolution, DSA and the Houston Area Progressives. Through it we can become even more involved in electoral struggles, the trade union movement, work in the African American community and with immigrants. This includes lobbying,  demonstrations, picket lines, and voter registration.

Every other day we’re at  a demonstration. Last Sunday we participated in a protest at the Bush Airport on immigration policy. The party marched with 23,000 Houstonians, the largest in the city’s history with our banner.  For the first time the local Democratic party organized a Super Bowl protest of 1000, again with our banner. So too with the MLK Day march. At that march literally thousands cheered our contingent and added 29 people to our mailing list.

This Saturday the state chapter of Our Revolution is being convened and we’re actively working with it.

To date we have 116 members and want to double our membership this year and in this way make a modest contribution to rebuilding the party.



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