How do we achieve a more advanced alignment of forces?

BY:Cameron Orr| June 4, 2019

Based on objective and subjective conditions — which will vary from one place to another — anti-monopoly and socialist forces (our diverse working-class in alliance with all oppressed people), will at certain points have opportunities to break out at the head of the fight against the extreme (corporate) right.

Leadership of the working-class and Communist Party in the anti-monopoly and democratic struggles will result in more rapid achievement of our strategic goals.

We should strengthen our Party institutions.


Electoral struggle

We should continue to participate in mobilizing the vote against the Republican Party in general elections.

We should also hold Democratic Party officials’ feet to the fire, make full assessments of Democratic Party officials’ positive and negative aspects, explain the various forces behind them, point out how their programs and positions may be either strengthening or compromising the fight against extreme right monopoly, and what they need to do to better protect and advance the interests of working and oppressed people. These views should be consistently reflected in People’s World.

During the primary election period, the contradictions of class forces within the Democratic Party are opened and subjected to the political process. We need to take advantage of those openings.

This means we need a collective process for engaging in the Presidential primary elections. All of the Party’s Districts and clubs could benefit by being involved in organized discussions of the various campaigns, a full analysis of their relative strengths and weaknesses, the forces behind them, how our various clubs and forces around us are participating in them, and how the Labor and community organizations we work with in various parts of the country are responding to the different campaigns. After a period of discussion, we need to collectively develop a plan of action and put it to a vote.

We can trust such a collective process to have a positive impact on working-class and oppressed people’s movements in this country, on our Party’s internal unity, its prestige in the eyes of our working-class and all oppressed people, and on the outcome of both the primary and general elections.


Mass work

In another contribution, I said that we cannot predict how the struggles to isolate the Republican Party, to overcome the monopoly interests dominating the Democratic Party, and to build a Labor and oppressed people’s Party capable of winning power will develop in relationship to one another.

We should not wait until later to consciously prepare the ground for a mass Labor and oppressed people’s Party, or leave that work to others. Through our work in building coalitions based on the issues, and by building links between the struggles, we can also work to bring various parts of the Labor and oppressed people’s movements together into neighborhood and workplace clubs.

These can form the basis for a unified anti-monopoly organizational form that can win political power now inside, and later outside, the Democratic Party, with working-class forces and our allies in the lead, and with CPUSA earning a leading role in the working-class movement.



The power of finance capital merged with monopoly capital in the US, including its extreme-right section, is the defining feature of imperialism. The US people cannot develop a deep class and socialist consciousness without an understanding of imperialism, its connection to monopoly-capitalism, and without concrete links to grassroots, working class struggles taking place around the world.

CPUSA clubs can cooperate with our fraternal Parties at the club-to-club level, building links between the grassroots forces around us. Practical cooperation at the club level can help the International Communist Movement resolve its theoretical arguments and disagreements at the higher levels. It is also necessary for the people’s movements here in the US.

The establishment and collective operation by the IMCWP of a solidarity fund for translation of documents, disaster relief, strike funds, and other needs of the international working-class, could also help us learn to work together better on concrete tasks, while advancing international working class unity.

Workers employed in weapons, fossil fuel, and agriculture industries need to be organized as well, to participate in demanding and organizing the just transition to a peaceful green economy.


The state

In addition to our participation in Labor, community, and electoral struggles, we should fight extreme-right, monopoly, and capitalist control over the state apparatus as well — meaning, especially, the army and police.

We should raise and support demands for community control of police, and efforts to organize veterans and soldiers into the anti-war movement.

We should help organize incarcerated people, advancing their voting, minimum wage, and union rights.

We should identify and support police who oppose the violent institutional racism within their departments and help them run for leadership positions in their unions.

We should support efforts to abolish ICE and DHS, a vestige of GW Bush era.


Separation of town and country and racial segregation

 The corporate right relies on a toxic mix of racism and theocratic religion to promote mistrust between urban, metro, and rural workers, and to maintain Republican control over most of the nation’s land mass.

We should build metro-urban-rural links, coupled with efforts to fight racial segregation. One example would be inter-faith alliances and building sister church relations between majority Black and brown and majority white congregations, and between rural, urban, and metro congregations.

Another would be bringing Black, brown, and white agricultural workers and farmers together with urban and metro agriculture initiatives in local communities.


Native American communities

We need to develop closer relationships with the leaders and members of Native reservations, and Native people throughout the U.S.

Settler-colonialism is the original germ of U.S. imperialism, and our Party also needs to develop a fuller concept of reparations and self-determination as it relates to Indigenous Nations.

Whatever we cannot do with our own forces, we will need to convince our community partners to help us with.


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