International Guests at the 28th National Convention

BY:CPUSA International Department| July 20, 2005

Pedro OLIVEIRA, National Secretary of Communications of the Central Committee

Mary DAVIS, Editor of Communist Review

Daryl RANKIN, Central Executive Committee

Cheryl-Anne CARR, Chair Aboriginal Peoples Commission, Central Committee alternate

Mara Eugenia PUELMA ALFARO, member of the Central Committee

Jaime CEDANO ROLDAN, member of the Central Executive Committee

Anastassios PAFILIS, member of Central Committee, deputy to the European Parliament

S. Sudhakar REDDY,M.P., Secretary, National Council

B.V. Vijaya LAKSHMI, leader of women’s front

Neema HAYDARI, member of Central Committee

Salam ALI, Member of Central Committee, member of International Relations Committee

Mr. Koji HAMATANI, Head of the American Bureau of JCP, Washington DC Correspondent for AKAHATA newspaper

Leticia ACOSTA, member of the Central Committee

Cuauhtmoc AMEZCUA DROMUNDO, First Secretary

Vasco CARDOSO, member of the Political Commission and Responsible for the Portuguese Communist Youth

South Africa
Comrade Ben Dikobe MARTINS, senior member of the Central Committee and its Politburo, Member of Parliament, chair of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises

Mourad MOHAMED, member of the International Commission

VU QUOC HUNG, member of the Central Committee, Vice-Chairman of the CC Control Commission, Head of delegation

PHAM TIEN NHIEN, Department Director, CC Commission for External Relations

DUONG HOAI NAM, Commission staff, Permanent Mission of Socialist Republic of Vietnam to the United Nations


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