International Notes

June 6, 2022
International Notes


Sudan: Repression of Communists and other oppositionists continues

The Sudanese Communist Party is warning that, despite what is said to the contrary by some international sources, repression against their members and other oppositionists by the military-dominated government is continuing. On May 19 security forces raided the home of Muhammad Mukhtar al-Katib, the Political Secretary of the Communist Party. Al-Katib was arrested and taken away by security agents working for the government’s Security and General Intelligence Services. The SGIS has arrested other Communist and oppositional leaders as well. The Communist Party is working to unite all progressive forces, including those in neighboring South Sudan, against the despotic regimes in Khartoum and Juba, South Sudan’s capital.

In Sudan, the key goal is to remove the military from power, and to resist international pressure for the creation of a new military-civilian junta.

People in the United States who wish to express their solidarity with the democratic forces in Sudan should contact the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, DC, to voice their protests.

Spain: Communists denounce return of ex-king, demand his prosecution and the end of the monarchy

The Communist Party of Spain is reacting with anger and repudiation to news reports that the country’s former head of state, “Emeritus” King Juan Carlos, is going to return from self-imposed exile in the United Arab Emirates. Juan Carlos, of the royal dynasty of Borbon-Two Sicilies, ruled Spain from 1975 (starting two days after the death of fascist dictator Francisco Franco) to June 2014. At first described in international media as a “liberal” or “pro-democratic” monarch, Juan Carlos eventually lost that positive image in the eyes of many Spaniards and abdicated in favor of his son, the present King Felipe VI. In his ensuing private life, however, Juan Carlos has attracted several official investigations for corrupt practices including concealment of assets and tax evasion.

The Communist Party notes that the return of the Emeritus King is taking place “without there having been . . . a judicial process about the commission of multiple presumed illegal [acts], related to corruption and the unquestionable illicit enrichment of the former chief of state, [involving] taking personal advantage of public and private resources.” The communists add that this is nothing new for the Spanish royal family, and they demand not only the prosecution of Juan Carlos but an end to the monarchy as well.


Paraguay: Communists denounce continuing racism against indigenous people

The Communist Party of Paraguay, drawing attention to a recent video clip on television which mocked an indigenous youth, are calling for action to put an end to the racist persecution and discrimination against that country’s indigenous population. The party points out in an article on their website that the agency supposedly responsible for dealing with such things, the Paraguayan Indigenous Institute (Instituto Paraguayo del Indígena) simply denounced the insulting video but proposed no firm remedial action. Thus racism against, and ethnic cleansing of, indigenous Paraguayans continue with impunity.

The dynamics behind the oppression of the indigenous population are agribusiness, land speculation, and big infrastructure projects which drive indigenous communities off their land, as well as activities of organized crime. The article notes, “What’s going on in Paraguay has a name and it’s called ethnic cleansing.”

The result is that extreme poverty, child labor, and other evils impact the indigenous population disproportionately, and the life expectancy of indigenous Paraguayans is only 37 years. The article demands a decisive program of action to combat the people who are perpetrating these horrors.


Japan: Communists run on anti-militarism electoral platform

On July 25, voters will elect 124 of the 245 seats in the House of Counselors, the upper house of the Japanese Parliament. Currently, 13 seats in the body are held by the Japanese Communist Party. The Communists are hoping to greatly increase their numbers in the body.

The Communist Party is stressing its opposition to a turn to militarism as a key part of its electoral platform. A major mobilization is planned in Osaka and elsewhere on June 18. In Osaka, the rally will feature party General Secretary Akira Koiki and the House of Counselors candidates representing Osaka, Miki Daimon and Kotaro Tatsumi. Supporters of the Communist Party state that they fear that all the other parties will advocate a further turn to militarism and that only the Communist Party will work to concentrate the nation’s resources on the needs of the mass of the people, for greater pensions and other programs.

Images: Sudanese Communist Party Political Secretary Muhammad Mukhtar al-Katib, Peoples Dispatch; Ex-king Juan Carlos of Spain, Communist Party of Spain (website); Indigenous Paraguayan youth mocked by a racist (Twitter); Miki Daimon and Kotaro Tatsumi, Japanese Communist Party candidates (JCP website).


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