Marxist IQ: Answers| August 30, 2014
Marxist IQ: Answers


1. c  The Reagan and post-Reagan administration policies of deregulation of business and banking, detaxation of corporations and the wealthy, while continuing to subsidize capital with every conceivable bailout.

2. d Its leadership had followed since 1947 the anti-communist Cold War status quo and policy of class and government collaboration and concessions and had no understanding or experience in organizing workers for mass struggle.

3. c A divided party; part of which seeks to promote ruling class policies, and another part which seeks to promote labor and pro-people policies.

4. d All of the above.

5. a A recycled version of the farr ight funded lavishly by the most reactionary sectors of the capitalist class and sold through mass media in an uncritical manner, in the equivalent of infomercials.

A) all correct:  you have mastered the basics of U.S. politics today.

B) four correct: you’re on the right course: study harder.

C) three correct: deviations evident: you need to attend Party school!

D) two correct: you’ve on your way to join the tea party.

E) one to zero correct: you’re lost in the marsh: read Left-Wing Communism: call us on Tuesday.


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