Marxist IQ: Imperialism

BY:Communist Party USA| April 10, 2018
Marxist IQ: Imperialism


1. Marxists see wars throughout history as:

a. an expression of natural human aggression;

b. a consequence of the exploitation and oppression of class divided societies;

c. the result of evil ideologies like militarism and imperialism:

d. the result of a failure of communication between peoples.


2. In his  analysis of imperialism, called “ultra-imperialism,” Karl Kautsky disagreed  with V. I. Lenin’s analysis of imperialism in that he:

a.  supported guerilla wars to fight imperialism;

b.  saw imperialism as a positive force;

c.  believed that imperialist powers could cooperate to divide the world short of war and revolution;

d.  saw imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism.


3. Lenin,  In Imperialism:The Highest Stage of Capitalism saw  modern imperialism as a result of:

a. the merger of industrial and bank capital to create finance or monopoly  capital;

b. the export of capital itself to as against goods throughout the world;

c. the formation of international monopolies and rival alliances of states  to divide and redivide the world, leading to war and revolution;

d. all of the above.


4. Applying his theory of imperialism to Czarist Russia in 1917, Lenin saw:

a. Russia  fighting in WWI in order to defend Slavic peoples from Germany;

b. Russia on the eve of a great capitalist revolution thanks to its defeats in the war;

c. Russia as the weak link among the imperialist powers fighting the war, whose revolution would have to be transformed rapidly  into a socialist revolution if it were to survive pending revolutions in Europe;

d. Support for Germany and its allies as the way  for revolutionaries to defeat Russian, British, and French imperialism.


5. Lenin’s most important theoretical contributions to Marxism were:

a. the role of a Marxist working class revolutionary party;  the united front concept:  the national question and the democratic struggle;  the establishment of a working-class led socialist state; the theory of imperialism;

b.  Guerrilla war; Soviets (workers councils) as  the new form of socialist representative government; the theory of  the weakest link:

c. the theory that  the Soviet Union was the model for all socialist countries and had to be supported in all of its  domestic policies and foreign policies;

d.  The theory  that socialism and capitalism were merging and that the globalization of capitalism would evolve into socialism.


6.  Marxists see the fight for peace in the imperialist stage as:

a. a middle-class dream;

b. desirable but unlikely because class struggle makes war inevitable;

c. necessary because nuclear war would mean the destruction of the planet.

d. an all class democratic issue that requires a working-class orientation.


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