Marxist IQ: Marxism and The State| September 13, 2014
Marxist IQ: Marxism and The State

Some questions may have more than one answer.

1.  Marxists traditionally see the capitalist state as

a.  Standing above social classes
b.  The protector of democracy
c.  A state controlled in the last analysis by the capitalist class
d.  A dictatorship which must be smashed
e.  An arena of class and democratic struggle

2. On the issue of rights and freedoms Karl Marx distinguished between

a.  Property rights and human rights
b.  Formal or paper rights and effective or implemented rights
c.  Freedom of speech and freedom of religion
d.  Rights and responsibilities

3.  In the Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels called upon Communists to

a.  Participate in and advance the struggles for democracy
b.  Organize workers for revolution
c.  Support existing political parties that would enact reforms
d.  Organize working-class parties
e. all of the above.

4. After the Civil War, Marx believed that the U.S. was one of the nation’s most likely to see the rise of a mass socialist workers movement because

a.  The U.S. had no large feudal classes and institutions in its history
b.  The defeat of the slaveholders and the abolition of slavery removed the greatest obstacle to working class unity
c.  The U.S. had more advanced democratic institutions than any other nation at the time
d.  All of the above

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