Marxist IQ: The united front strategy

BY:Communist Party USA| August 31, 2014
Marxist IQ: The united front strategy

1. The united front concept was first authored by
a. Georgi Dimitrov at the 7th world Congress of the Communist International.
b. Zinoviev during the “Third Period.”
c. Lenin in the early 1920s.
d. Engles in Socialism, Utopian and Scientific.

2. The united front concept:
a. seeks to unite all people on the left.
b. is based on bringing people together on issues instead of ideology.
c. strives for worker farmer unity
d. comes out of the concept of workers and oppressed people unite.

3. Antonio Gramsci saw the united front idea
a. as an aspect of Bukharin’s utopianism.
b. as belonging to Lenin and is the foundation of Gramsci’s concept of hegemony.
c. as useful in uniting the socialist and communist camps in Italy.
d. an impediment to revolutionary Marxism.

4. The “all-peoples front” to defeat the extreme right is:
a. was formulated after  the right-wing takeover of the Republican Party in the mid-80s.
b. is based on the idea that there is a contradiction between the extremist sections of big capital and most of the nation.
c. sets the electoral defeat of the tea party as the only condition for unity.
d. has its origins in the popular front concept.
e. all of the above.

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