Marxist IQ: What the Manifesto does and doesn’t say

October 3, 2018
Marxist IQ: What the Manifesto does and doesn’t say

1. Some of the positions expressed in the Communist Manifesto are no longer accurate, which of the following is an example:

a. the communists do not form a separate party;
b. communists promote the interests of the working class as a whole;
c. communists do not set up sectarian principles to mold the working class:
d. communists strive to represent the interest of all workers regardless of nationality.

2. The slogan “Abolition of private property” means:

a. the abolition of property generally;
b. the abolition of banks and merchant property;
c. the abolition of bourgeois property;
d. the abolition of the property of the rich.

3. Political power,  according to the Manifesto:

a. grows out the barrel of a gun;
b. is power gained by fraudulent and rigged elections;
c. is the power of one class to oppress another;
d. is only gained by violence.

4. Communism will deprive people of only one thing, which is:

a. the power to appropriate the products of society;
b. the power to enjoy the fruits of their labor;
c. the power to subjugate the labor of others;
d. the power to choose their own leaders.

5. When the communists come to power they will do all of the following except:

a. protect the interests of all sections of society;
b. take away all capital from the bourgeoisie;
c. centralize all instruments of production into the hands of workers;
d. increase the total productive forces.

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