Mumia Abu Jamal

BY:Florida District| September 21, 2001

Proposed resolution submitted
by the Florida District to the National Convention of the Communist Party

Mumia Abu Jamal, who at 15 was a member of the Black Panther Party, and
at 25 a respected radio journalist who had won a Peabody Award for his
coverage of the Pope’s visit;

Mumia has been on Pennsylvania’s Death Row for 19 years, following conviction
for the murder of a policeman in December of 1981, in a trial that can
only be termed a travesty of justice;

Mumia was not permitted to defend himself but was given an incompetent
attorney who was later disbarred,;

Mumia was tried by an all-white jury;

The presiding judge in this case has sentenced more people (all but two,
people of color) to death than any other sitting judge;

Key trial witnesses were coerced by the police into giving false testimony
and even later admitted they had lied;

The policeman was shot with a .38 calibre gun and Mumia’s legally licensed
gun was a .40 calibre;

Over the years, an international movement had developed which has clamored
for a new and fair trial for Mumia;

Several sectors of the Labor Movement have voiced their support for a
new trial;

There is more than sufficient evidence to warrant setting aside his conviction
and calling for a new trial;

Pennsylvania Governor Ridge has already signed a new death warrant against

Mumia’s attorneys have filed a habeas corpus petition in Federal District
Court and the Federal judge issued a stay of execution while that petition
is being considered; and

This case demonstrates the US Administration’s systematic criminalization
of Afro-American men and other people of color;

That we urge the National Convention of the Communist Party USA to join
the national and international movement in the demand of a new, fair and
impartial trial for Mumia.

Signed: Florida
State Convention, Tampa, April 28, 2001


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