Neighborhood and Workplace Concentration Clubs Are Essential to Building the Party and Defeating…

BY:Connecticut District| September 21, 2001

Proposed resolution submitted
by the Connecticut District to the National Convention of the Communist
Party USA June 10, 2001

The 27th National Convention of the Communist Party USA convenes in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin to build broad labor and people’s unity against the extreme-right
wing in 2001. We return to Milwaukee 20 years after the Extraordinary
Conference in 1981 that launched our Party into a new era of grass roots
neighborhood and workplace club building and organizing among our multi-racial,
multi-national working class.

And Whereas:
Broad grass-roots, mass action is required to withstand and forestall
legislative, legal and economic attacks on jobs, public services, the
environment and peace, labor rights, civil rights and human rights. Electorally,
the experiences of the labor and people’s movements have shown that the
greatest success in turning out the pro-labor and people’s vote is a result
of discussions with workers on the job and at their homes about issues
and candidates.

And Whereas:
Grass roots organizing by clubs concentrated on neighborhoods and workplaces
is key to our ability to build a larger Communist Party and to join in
coalitions with labor and community organizations to turn out the vote
in the common struggle to defeat the corporate extreme-right wing stranglehold
on federal government policies affecting all communities.

And Whereas:
The Peoples Weekly World is an indispensable tool in educating and mobilizing
at the grass roots, especially when these weekly door to door and workplace
distributions are carried out in such as way as to result in new Communist
Party clubs in working class neighborhoods and workplaces, and in rural

And Whereas:
To implement the decisions of the Milwaukee Conference, the Connecticut
District concentrated on building grass roots neighborhood and workplace
clubs. This resulted in a large growth in the number of clubs and members
and in a transformation and strengthening of the working class and multi-racial,
multi-national composition of the District.

And Whereas:
The success of building grass roots clubs in working class neighborhoods
and workplaces requires the full participation and support of the District
leadership backed up by full help and support to districts in this endeavor
from the national organization.

be it resolved that: The 27th National Convention of the Communist Party
USA reaffirms the goals and substance of the Extraordinary National Conference
of 1981 which emphasized the primary unit of the Communist Party USA as
neighborhood and workplace clubs for the purpose of carrying out working-class

And be it
further resolved that: We call upon the 27th National Convention of the
CPUSA to consider all political, ideological and organizational questions
in the framework of building and strengthening neighborhood and workplace
clubs, and helping district organizations in this effort.

This resolution
was unanimously adopted by the Connecticut State Convention.


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