Party Builder 30 April 2001

BY:CPUSA Organizing Department| September 22, 2001

– National Committee Meeting

Members of the National Committee are meeting this weekend in New York
City. Reports from this meeting will be posted
to the web shortly thereafter.

Rights Demonstration

Sunday, April 22’s demonstration in Washington, to protect women’s right
abortion and defend reproductive rights generally, was a tremendous event,
a first "in-the-streets" militant protest against the Bush administration.
Considering the short time in which the march was organized, and the
urgency of this issue, we consider it to have been a very important

Our Party and YCL were there in full force, and
we distributed thousands of
PWWs, Dynamics and sold a new YCL button. And,
we had a great contingent in
the march, by far the most diverse, in every way, and thanks to a comrade
with an incredible pair of lungs, making a lot of noise too!

Of course,
the fight on this has just begun; already there are other moves,
including yesterday’s vote by the House regarding "unborn children’s"
rights that are aimed at undermining the right to abortion.
In mobilizing for the April 22 demonstration, we stressed the importance
clubs and districts establishing/building ties with the women’s movement.
We should continue to do this. It would be good even to initiate meetings
with local pro-choice and other women’s organizations, to talk about the
march, about what’s next, building a broader movement to defend this most
important right, etc. Especially important is building the connections

At the National
we will have a workshop on the struggle for
women’s equality.

Action: please
circulate and pass this petition on:
to sign a petition to keep abortion safe and legal.


Heather has been sending out Legislative Updates following each day that
Congress is in session. Legislation important to mass people’s movements
is summarized with instructions on how to find the bill on Congress’
. Heather will be sending a memo separately to district organizers
about finding one comrade per district to receive these e-mails and follow
up on the bills locally. If you would like to receive these updates, as
well, please send your e-mail address to


A few weeks
ago, clubs should have received a memo from the Internet Department about
"getting the Party wired." We mentioned that if you do not have
a computer nor want one, you can purchase a MyMailStation
that will give you e-mail access only from home. This is .95 for the
unit and then .95 per month for access. I’m pleased to announce that
we have a new comrade from Long Island, New York reading these e-mails
now because of MyMailStation! If you’d like more information about this
for comrades in your clubs, please e-mail
The perfect solution for technophobes, too! Easy and fun!


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