Setting the record straight: CPUSA position on 2004 elections

BY:CPUSA Internet Department| August 26, 2004

In the past month, several phony reports have been circulated by right-leaning papers and websites — making various false claims about the Communist Party position on the 2004 elections.

Some have dabbled in dirty tricks to smear Kerry using the toxic mix of red-baiting and forgery. For instance, several websites have allowed a forged document to be posted that appears be an official CPUSA endorsement of Kerry, but it is in fact an incompetent counterfeit. They not only twisted our position around, they even got the name of our National Chair wrong (It’s Sam Webb, not Marc Brodine)!

The red-baiting forgeries are just another part of the Bush campaign which is running on lies and fear. So, for the record, the CPUSA position on the 2004 elections:

1. The CPUSA is doing our utmost to help defeat Bush.
We’re deeply concerned about the great dangers of a second Bush term, as is the majority of the country and world and every major progressive organization. On a wide range of key issues (Social security, healthcare, reproductive rights, overtime pay, minimum wage, and much more), there are real, substantial differences between Bush and Kerry.

2. The CPUSA does not endorse any candidate for President in the 2004 election.
We do not endorse the candidates of other political parties. We
have refrained from fielding our own candidate so as not to
distract from the main effort of defeating Bush and the
ultra-riight extremist agenda.

3. The CPUSA has it’s own independent political platform for the 2004 elections.
Though our platform goes much further towards full social justice than
Kerry’s, to win any of it requires defeating Bush. A movement
that can break the Republican stranglehold on government could
then win social progress on many fronts.

If you would like more information on the CPUSA, please contact or call 212-989-4884. Thanks, and vote against Bush on November 2nd.


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