Strengthening the working class and people’s movements (Video)

BY:Roberta Wood| May 29, 2017
Strengthening the working class and people’s movements (Video)

How should communists respond to the new political realities our working class faces: today workers really are “the 99 percent.” What is keeping our class from leveraging that new majority? How do we deal with the re-entry of open white supremacy into the political mainstream; a historic attack on civil rights, women’s rights, and organized labor; and an emboldened far-right movement which has had some success in sinking roots into our class?

We, as Communists, are faced with the dual challenge of determining how we will use our participation to help build and orient the resistance to the Trump regime and of charting our own organization’s path forward.

Fortunately, our Party has a history of using limited resources to make big change.  Can we do the same today? If so how? These issues and more are addressed in this webinar.


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    Roberta Wood, Secretary-Treasurer of the Communist Party, is a retired journeyman industrial instrument mechanic. A lifelong union activist, she was a founding co-chair of the United Steelworkers District 31 Women's Caucus. She writes on labor issues for A Chicagoan, Roberta is married to Steelworker retiree Scott Marshall. Scott and Roberta have four daughters and seven grandchildren.

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