Your vote is your power: Fight together and win together

Your vote is your power: Fight together and win together


Every right ever won is now at risk. Health care, education, housing, living wage jobs, union rights, women’s rights, immigrant rights, criminal justice, climate justice, democracy and peace are all in the cross hairs.

Hatred, bigotry and fear are this administration’s weapons of choice to try and keep the people divided and unable to act.

This election is the fight of our lives. Our watchword must be UNITY.

A massive voter turnout on November 6 can change control of Congress and State Houses so we can move forward.

Like the residents of Flint, Michigan poisoned by drinking water, and the people of Puerto Rico and the Carolinas post-hurricane – We Are in a State of Emergency.

There is something you can do

You can SAY NO to Racism and White Supremacy WITH YOUR VOTE:

• No to Deportations and Family Separation. Hundreds of migrant children are still not re-united with their parents despite court order after ICE agents snatched children of Latin American asylum seekers. The Trump administration ended DACA protection for undocumented students, and imposed widespread deportations. Not one more.

• No to Voter suppression. Highly financed Republican-led voter suppression measures like closing polling places and requiring photo ID are targeted at African American and Latino voters, women, youth and those likely to vote Democrat.

• No to Racist hate crimes. Instead of taking action against rising racist, LGBTQ and religious hate crimes, Trump fanned the flames of white supremacist violence when he said “there were good people on both sides” at the neo-Nazi provocation in Charlottesville.

• No to Police killings of people of color. The epidemic of police killings of unarmed Black youth stirred the movement for Black lives and protests by NFL football players for police reform and accountability. Trump said fire the players. Black Lives Matter.

You can SAY NO to the War on Workers and Women WITH YOUR VOTE

• Stand with Teachers. The Trump administration and Republicans are waging war on teachers and public employees. Teachers in West Virginia, Oklahoma and Arizona went on strike with community support and won big gains. Oklahoma voters ousted six Republican legislators who denounced the striking teachers.

• No to Cuts on Human Needs. 81% of the $2.4 trillion tax cut has gone to the rich, creating a $1 trillion federal deficit. Billions in cuts to programs like Medicaid are planned, using racist attacks implying most recipients are Black and Latino. In fact a majority of our nation’s poor are white. No cuts. No layoffs. Tax the Rich.

• No to Misogyny. Trump’s blatant disregard for women is evident in Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh who favors reversal of Roe V. Wade and also the Affordable Care Act ending coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Instead, women need pay equity and paid family and medical leave, dignity and respect.

• No to “Right to Work”. In Missouri, a labor-led grassroots movement petitioned a measure onto the ballot and overturned a Republican “Right to Work” (for less) union busting law with a landslide 67%. Across the country public sector workers are mobilizing voter turnout to protect union rights. Union rights are human rights.

• No Privatization, No poverty wage Jobs! We need a $2 TRILLION federal jobs program to rebuild bridges, power grid and infrastructure. It will create millions of living wage jobs and shift to solar, wind etc. to
reduce global warming.

You can SAY NO to Violence and War WITH YOUR VOTE

• No to the NRA. The NRA and the Koch Brothers are giving hundreds of millions to Republicans who oppose gun control, while gun violence takes 30,000 lives a year. Students from Parkland, Florida to Chicago Illinois are registering youth to vote against anyone who takes NRA money.

• No to Wars. Trump plans $1.2 trillion to modernize nuclear weapons, threatening WW III. Xenophobia, fear and hatred of other nations is used to whip up support for a unilateral, profit-seeking foreign policy instead of diplomacy and shifting military spending to human needs.

• No to Climate Denial. Spouting lies against the science of global climate change, the Trump administration and Republicans are pursuing policies that will accelerate climate change and cause even more and worse storms and droughts.

….On Nov. 6 you can be part of the rising movement for a fair and just society

You can Say YES to a Bold Agenda for People’s Needs WITH YOUR VOTE:


Hundreds of union members, women, young people, African American, Latino, Asian-Pacific, Native American. LGBTQ candidates have stepped forward to run for office for the first time and build a grass roots movement to turn our country around.

They are part of the growing resistance against the devastating policies of the corporate backed Trump administration and Republicans destroying human rights and planet earth.

It is up to each of us. The power of your vote can change Congress and State Houses. The power of your voice joined with thousands of others after election day can win demands for priorities that meet people’s needs.

This is about much more than Trump. The system is failing. The people are fighting hard to defend their democratic rights. They see that the banks and corporations, the 1% billionaires are the main danger to democracy.

There is growing interest in socialism, a system that takes the means of production, the wealth and the power out of the billionaires’ hands and puts it in the people’s hands.

Your vote on November 6 is a first step to reject hatred, bigotry and fear and build a united movement to propel our country forward.

In the name of those who gave their lives to win our basic right to vote, like Medgar Evers and Viola Liuzzo:

  • • Commit to vote on November 6
  • • Register five new voters and bring them to the polls.
  • • Knock on doors and make phone calls.

Join with others in your community, rally, march, walk out, sit-in. Continue to organize after election day for a better world.


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