Communist Party, USA: Emergency Action on Winter Heating and Fuel Crisis

BY: CPUSA National Committee| November 16, 2005

Prices for gas and diesel, heating oil and natural gas have doubled in four years, undermining the living standards of all working people. The energy and related industries share much of the responsibility, yet they are enjoying record profits from the misery of the people. The Bush administration is aiding and joining in the plunder, using the energy crisis, as they used 9/11, as an excuse to loot the public treasury, enrich their cronies and attack working people.

The CPUSA declares: No family should be without heat this winter! No worker should be forced to choose between buying food and buying gas to get to work. To this end, the CPUSA calls for an emergency program, including:

Full federal funding for an expanded LIHEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance Program) so that no family spends more than 5% of their income on household energy; enact local and state measures for relief.

Emergency Federal aid to school districts, local and state governments to meet their energy needs.

No discrimination against based on immigration status for energy assistance.

No cutoffs, deposits or connection fees of essential utilities.

Return energy prices to pre-Katrina levels. Tax excess profits to pay for reconstruction.

The National Committee calls on our members, clubs and districts to join with labor and other people’s organizations, instituting and participating in local coalitions for emergency energy assistance and longer term solutions:

Organizing and participating in rallies, press conferences and other public events.

Circulating petitions and writing letters to the editor.

Organizing meetings with public officials at all levels and demanding public hearings.

The National Committee directs the National Board and Organization Department to:

1. Approve and circulate a statement on the energy crisis, which will include an analysis of the causes and effects of the crisis, a full emergency program, and a call to action; all in the context of more fundamental solutions including nationalization, sustainable energy, and socialism.

2. Based on the statement, produce a popular 1-page leaflet, a press release, and sample letters to the editor.

3. Work with districts to develop plans to use these materials in their work.

Every effort should be made to have these materials available for review and approval at the national Board meeting November 4th.

Adopted by the CPUSA National Committee, October 16, 2005



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