Communist Party, USA: Resolution on Coca-Cola Boycott

BY: CPUSA National Committee| March 11, 2006

Whereas, Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia have been involved in supporting paramilitaries who have murdered and persecuted union workers there; and,

Whereas, United Students Against Sweatshops, the U.S. Steelworkers Union and others have called for a boycott of Coke to pressure the company to cease this practice; and,

Whereas, twenty campuses have removed Cokes franchise; and,

Whereas, the Teamsters Union Brewery & Soft Drink Division has called on the Coca-Cola Corporation to seek a just resolution of this dispute; therefore,

Be It Resolved, that the Communist Party, USA support the Coke boycott and urges its members and friends to do the same.

Adopted by the CPUSA National Committee March 5, 2006


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