Memo to National Committee, Clubs, Districts

BY: | September 27, 2002


TO: National Committee, Clubs, Districts

This past weekend our National Board met in Chicago. Lots of important ground was covered, with a focus on how to respond to the immediate danger
of a U.S. war against Iraq, and how to work over the next six weeks to ensure a defeat of the Republicans at the polls November 5th.

Below is Joelle Fishman’s report on the elections. It should be read and discussed ASAP, by district collectives and clubs, as well as Party members
and friends. As you’ll see, Joelle makes the point that although there are only 6 weeks to go, our Party can — and must — work so that we can have
an impact on this crucial fight.

The other reports to the meeting will be published shortly, including the special opening by Sam Webb on the new and very grave danger to humanity
presented by the Bush administration’s militarist policies, and JarvisTyner’s report on the national question, which the Board agreed should
serve as the basis for a broad discussion of this key question, in theParty and beyond.

The Party’s Peace and Solidarity Commission reported on the meeting on the Iraq crisis and agreed to write a Party statement on the situation(see link.)
Proposals and ideas on how the Party can continue to build support for the west coast longshore workers were made, and the subcommittee working on
this will get a memo out shortly.

As well, the meeting took up a number of exciting proposals and plans, on revamping the Party’s finance and fundraising work, the purchase and renovation of a new regional Party headquarters in Chicago which includes plans for setting up the People’s Weekly World editorial offices there, and the renovation of our national center.

We also heard reports on the YCL’s upcoming convention (November 22-24th!), and on the PWW Fund Drive.

It was an excellent meeting, and the discussion reflected the range and depth of the Party’s involvement in the big struggles that are gathering steam.


PDF of Joelle Fishman’s “Report on the 2002 Elections”



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