Solidarity with the Palestinian People’s Struggle For Self-Determination

BY: Indiana District, CPUSA| September 21, 2001

Proposed resolution submitted by the Indiana District to the 27th National Convention of the Communist Party USA

We, the members of the Communist Party USA, seeing the ongoing occupation of and attacks against the Palestinian people by the Israeli state, hereby resolve that:

  • Whereas the Israeli government, in violation of acceptable human rights standards, punishes the Palestinian people in general for specific acts of individuals,
  • Whereas the Palestinian people continue to be murdered by the Israeli government,
  • Whereas the Palestinian people continue to have their land seized by the Israelis in violation of United Nations resolutions,
  • Whereas the Palestinian people’s ability to work and to move freely between their own cities to meet their basic human needs is curtailed by frequent Israeli closure of borders both between Israel and Palestinian lands and between isolated Palestinian cities,
  • Whereas the Israeli government places no regard on Palestinian lives and fires weapons into civilian groups killing children and old people among other civilians,
  • Whereas the Israeli government ignores the pleas of its own people for a just and equitable peace with the Palestinians,
  • Whereas the Israeli government maintains a cynical and false stance claiming self-defense as the rationale for attacking Palestinian targets inside the lands of the Palestinian Authority while at the same time appropriating Palestinian lands and murdering the Palestinian people,
  • Whereas the Israeli government refuses to adhere to United Nations resolutions on the rights of the Palestinians,
  • Whereas the United Nations has reaffirmed the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination in resolution A/RES/49/149 on 23 December 1994 declaring that the United Nations 1. Reaffirms the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination; 2. Expresses the hope that the Palestinian people may soon exercise their right to self-determination in the current peace process; 3. Urges all States, specialized agencies and organizations of the United Nations system to continue to support the Palestinian people in their quest for self-determination

Be it hereby resolved that the Communist Party USA

  • Declares our support for the Palestinian people in their struggle for peace and self-determination;
  • Declares our support for a just peace that ends Israeli expansion into Palestinian lands, releases East Jerusalem from Israeli occupation, and provides for the well-being of the Palestinian people through access to adequate water supplies, natural resources, and the other necessities of a viable state.
  • Declares our support for the Israeli people’s peace movement,
  • Demands that the United States of America use its power to secure the rights of the Palestinian people to peace, self-determination, and control over the lands specified to them under pertinent United Nations resolutions,
  • Demands an immediate end to the Israeli government’s war against the Palestinian people and resumption of peace talks on the foundation of United Nations resolutions,
  • Creates or activates a Peace Commission of the Communist Party of the United States and charges this commission to address the issues of the Palestinian people’s struggle for self-determination.
  • Will educate the people of the United States on the plight of the Palestinian people, including preparing educational materials on this matter for public distribution, encouraging all clubs to hold educationals on this matter, and continuing coverage on this topic in the People’s Weekly World newspaper,
  • Will work to end the United States of America’s financial and military support for the Israeli government until the Israeli policies of oppression and murder against the Palestinians end



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