Resist Trump


Mad as hell at Donald Trump and his posse of racists and robber barons?

You’ve come to the right place.

From fascism to ‘free trade’, from Jim Crow to joblessness, CPUSA has stood up to the enemies our nation’s multiracial working class for almost a century.

But who are we?  Who are the Communists?

  • We are working people fed up with low-wage jobs, union-busting, and an economy rigged in favor of billionaire investors.
  • We are peace activists tired of seeing the blood and treasure of our nation squandered to keep the world profitable for the ruling class.
  • We are gay and straight, trans, cis, and non-binary people who recognize that equality for our gender identities and sexual orientations is a basic human right.
  • We are men and women who oppose sexism and fight for equal rights, equal pay, reproductive freedom, and comprehensive health care for all.
  • We are anti-racist fighters who refuse to accept the status quo of police brutality, mass incarceration, ‘stop and frisk’ policing, and criminalization of people of color.
  • We are working class internationalists who fight for the right of all people, including migrant and undocumented workers and their families, to fair wages, security, and democratic participation in their communities.
  • We are environmentalists who see that a capitalist economy, based on relentless expansion, is incompatible with continued life on this planet.
  • We are atheists and people of faith who value real freedom of religion and condemn the hypocritical use of the First Amendment to justify discrimination and bigotry.
  • We are historians and philosophers, teachers and students, who understand that looking reality in the face means looking beyond capitalism to a fairer, more sustainable system.


overthrow-questionWe are the Communist Party USA, and we fight for socialism: a political and economic system that puts people before profits, where economic and political decisions are made democratically to advance our collective welfare. We reject the racist, sexist, anti-worker agenda of the ruling class, and we are fighting back.


We have nothing to lose but our chains; we have a world to win.  Working and oppressed people of all countries, UNITE!