A Call To Action: DEFEND DEMOCRACY. Change Congress in 2006!

September 23, 2006

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The Bush Administration and the Republican controlled
Congress have created our nation’s worst Constitutional
crisis since the Civil War.

Brazenly, they have placed themselves above the law.
Their abuses of power are immense and include:

  • LYING to Congress and the people about the illegal
    pre-emptive war on Iraq
  • Criminal negligence in abandoning the victims of
    Hurricane Katrina
  • Corrupt no-bid contracts with crony corporations
    like Halliburton
  • SPYING on ordinary citizens with wiretapping
    without warrants

The policies of the Bush Administration and the
Republican leadership in Congress are designed by and
implemented on behalf of the biggest, greediest, most
corrupt corporate interests in our country.
They have unleashed a wholesale assault on
every gain won by the people in the last half
century. They are attempting to:

  • Privatize Social Security and dismantle pensions
  • Undermine the Civil Rights Act and the Voting
    Rights Act
  • Reverse health and safety laws
  • Repeal environmental regulations and reject any measures to curb global warming
  • Deny workers the right to organize a union

Bush’s new world order of raw corporate greed is driving down wages and working
conditions everywhere to Wal-Mart levels. Tax cuts to the rich and billions for war are
wiping out funds for public education, housing and health care.

The 2006 elections are the people’s exit strategy from this far-right Republican disaster.

Most people oppose the Iraq war, and disapprove of Bush’s overall performance.
The pressure is on for Democratic Party leaders to stand up and fight. The time
for retreat is over. Many Independent voters and some who have voted
Republican in the past are part of the majority of people searching for a way out of our
national nightmare.

The first step to change our country’s direction is to end
Republican control of the U.S. House and Senate. It will
take a broad people’s coalition effort to win against the
powerful financial backing of the right wing.

A change of 15 seats in the House and 6 seats in the Senate will
strip the Republicans of control. Even Democrats who don’t
seem so different from their Republican opponents will shift the
balance in Congress so right wing policies can be restricted.

Bush and the extreme right-wing have raised fear, racism and
bigotry to a new level in their attempt to divide and distract
voters. Targeting immigrant workers as terrorists and criminals
has poisoned the atmosphere and emboldened all white
supremacy hate groups. These attacks can and must be stopped.

A VOTE TO CHANGE control of Congress is a vote calling
for tolerance, unity and equal opportunity. It is a vote to
reject immigrant bashing and to embrace comprehensive
legalization and full rights for all workers. It is a step toward
building a new civil rights revolution in our country that can
win new gains for equality.

Bush and the extreme right-wing have used 9/11 and fear of
terrorism as a cover for pursuing their dangerous first-strike
nuclear military policy. The foreign policy of the Bush
Administration and the Republican Congress makes the
world less safe.

A VOTE TO CHANGE control of Congress is a vote that says
return the troops from Iraq, and reallocate the resources to our
cities, towns and rural areas. It is a vote that calls for a new
foreign policy based on international cooperation and diplomacy.

Changing control of Congress is not an end, but just the
beginning. A victory will open the doors to build the
movement for an improved standard of living and quality of life. It will lay the
groundwork for new political formations not beholden to corporate interests.

No single group can do it alone. It will take a mighty united front of every section of
the people being hurt, in the first place labor, African American, Latino, women and
youth voters.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for the future of our children, our country, the environment
and the world. Together, this battle can be won.

People before Profits

Defeating the extreme right wing is a necessary first step in the longterm
drive to end exploitation, poverty, racism and war inherent in the
capitalist system.

The Communist Party USA and Young Communist League are committed
to build broad unity in today’s battles. The movement being built today will
help realize more fundamental change tomorrow.

We are dedicated to the interests and needs of the working class in our
country. We have an 86- year history of organizing at the grassroots and
working in coalitions to win “people before profits.” Our vision is a Socialist
USA, where working people can achieve equality and control their own
destinies. For our full program visit www.cpusa.org

We invite you to join us


Scores of bills that would benefit working people have been blocked by
Republican majority control of Congressional committees. A
Democratic Party majority does not guarantee these bills will pass, but
it creates more favorable conditions of struggle and improves the
possibilities that grassroots pressure can win their passage.

With a Democratic majority, 11 of 20 committees will be chaired by
members of the Progressive or Black Caucus. 45 of 92 sub-committees will
be chaired by members of the Progressive, Black, Hispanic or Asian Pacific
Caucus. Many of these members of Congress come out of democratic
struggles and movements. Bills waiting for action:

  1. END THE WAR ON IRAQ. There are 10 bills before the House and
    several before the Senate.
  2. HOLD BUSH ACCOUNTABLE. HR 636 would censure President Bush, and
    HR 635 would investigate possible impeachment.
  3. WORKERS’ RIGHTS. The Employee Free Choice Act guarantees the right to
    join a union. (HR 1696 / S 842)
  4. HEALTH CARE FOR ALL. Universal, single payer healthcare by expanding
    Medicaid (HR 676)
  5. REBUILD NEW ORLEANS. The Hurricane Katrina Recovery Act. (HR 4197)
  6. IMMIGRANT RIGHTS. The best comprehensive reform bill by Shiela
    Jackson-Lee (HR 2092)
  7. EDUCATION. Reverse the Raid on Student Aid Act of 2006 cuts interest on
    student loans in half. (HR 551)
  8. REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS. Freedom of Choice Act. Make Roe v. Wade a
    law. (HR 5151)
  9. CLEAN ENERGY. New Apollo Energy Act (H.R. 2828) creates clean energy
    manufacturing jobs, decreases oil dependence, and reduces greenhouse gas
  10. VOTER PROTECTION. Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act
    requires verifiable paper trail on voting machines and other measures (HR 550)

This Battle Can Be Won!

Every day counts until Election Day, Tuesday November 7:

  • Register your family, neighbors, co-workers to
    vote and bring them to the polls on November 7
  • Take part in door-to-door election mobilizations
  • Read the Peoples Weekly World and discuss
    issues with family, neighbors and co-workers
  • Help give reminders and rides to get out the
    vote on election day

Issued as a public service by
Communist Party USA

For comments or more information call: 212-989-4994 or e-mail: www.cpusa.org or mail: CPUSA, 235 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10011

Young Communist League: www.yclusa.org

Peoples Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo: www.pww.org

Political Affairs: www.politicalaffairs.net


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