A Call to Action: Defend Democracy, Change Congress in the 2006 Elections!

BY:CPUSA National Committee| March 11, 2006

The Bush-Cheney Administration has plunged our nation into the worst Constitutional crisis since the Civil War. The abuses of power they have committed are legion: an illegal pre-emptive war, lying to Congress and the people, warrant-less spying, mass incarceration of innocent people here and around the world, torture, corrupt no-bid contracts with crony corporations like Halliburton, criminal negligence in abandoning the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

They have unleashed a wholesale assault on all the gains of the people won over the past century: Social Security, civil rights and voting rights, civil liberties, health and safety laws, environmental regulations. They would impose on us a new world order of raw corporate greed while driving down wages and working conditions to Wal-Mart levels.

Brazenly, they have placed themselves above the law, proclaiming that they will keep on torturing, spying, and lying even when Congress enacts legislation to forbid it.

All democratic minded people must resist the attack on labors rights, the far ranging racist assault, the attack on womens rights, on Arabs and Muslims, and the attempt to criminalize millions of undocumented immigrants. We need a new civil rights revolution to win new gains for equality.

We demand that Congress conduct an independent investigation into this Administrations violations of Constitutional and international law, crimes that warrant impeachment. All democratic minded people must demand an end to the occupation of Iraq. Bring the troops home!

There is nothing more important to counter the Bush-Cheney grab for unchecked power than to end Republican control of the House and Senate. The people are fed up as shown in polls revealing that Bushs approval ratings have plunged to an all-time low. A clear majority now opposes the Iraq war. The people are searching for a way out of our national nightmare.

The 2006 elections are the peoples exit strategy from this far-right Republican disaster.

We must start now to build a mighty upsurge to oust Rep. Tom DeLay and his Republican minions from control of the House and Senate in November.

Every week counts in the next 35 weeks until Election Day, Tuesday, November 7. The number of new voters we register, the number of doors we knock on, the number of Peoples Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo we put into peoples hands, the number of calls in phone banks, the unions and mass organizations we coalesce with, the number of new clubs we build and new members who join the Communist Partyall this will go a long way to determining our future and the future of democracy in our land.

If not us, then who? If not now, when?

Adopted by the CPUSA National Committee,
March 5, 2006


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