Call for Ceasefire

BY:CPUSA National Committee| March 20, 2008
Call for Ceasefire

As the humanitarian crisis for the Palestinian people of Gaza deepens, we call on our government to use its leverage to push for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and the Hamas leadership in Gaza, and for a reopening of Gaza’s borders with the outside world. We condemn the Israeli government’s brutal military assault on the homes and communities of Gaza, killing old and young, children and babies, in clear violation of the Geneva Conventions’ prohibition of collective punishment.

We condemn all acts of violence against civilians, including individual acts of terror and provocative rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. But the Israeli government bears the greatest responsibility as it wields overwhelming military might and continues to deny and suppress the yearning of the Palestinian people for a national state of their own. So too, our own government bears a weighty responsibility, as it supplies billions of dollars each year in military and other aid to Israel, and turns a blind eye to actions by the Israeli government that violate international law and undermine progress toward peace. We call on our government to engage seriously and urgently in efforts to bring about a just peace based on two states, Israel and Palestine. It is the only solution for the people of Israel, Palestine and the U.S.

National Committee Communist Party USA


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