Cease Fire bulletin, issue 2

BY:Communist Party USA| January 26, 2024
Cease Fire bulletin, issue 2


Urge your local government to support ceasefire in Gaza! This could hardly be more urgent. People in Gaza are dying from violence and from disease and hunger in huge numbers that threaten to grow. Email your local government officials today!

On Jan. 22, SEIU became the largest union to demand a ceasefire. “Our call for a ceasefire is a call for peace,” SEIU President Mary Kay Henry declared. On Friday, Jan. 26, CWA joined the call, bringing the total number of workers represented by unions demanding a ceasefire to at least 4.2 million. “We urgently call for a stop to the ongoing siege of Gaza and strongly support a ceasefire, the release of all hostages, and the opportunity to deliver humanitarian aid,” CWA’s Executive Board said. “As always, it is working people who are most unable to escape the violence of war.”

From People’s World and CPUSA.org:

Ceasefire movement steadily growing in Northeastern Jersey: The Hudson–Bergen CPUSA club is active on the ground and helping to build coalitions in their area.

San Diego club lobbies for ceasefire: Party members in Southern California joined a local JVP action demanding Rep. Mike Levin call for a ceasefire.

D.C. CP joins press conference demanding a ceasefire resolution: The D.C. for Ceasefire Now coalition gathered on Wednesday, Jan. 24 to demand a ceasefire resolution from the D.C. Council.

Minneapolis City Council passes veto-proof ceasefire resolution: Twin Cities comrades participated with city council meetings, and wrote and called their council members.

Hudson Valley CP demands a ceasefire: In New York, mid-state party members joined with others in demanding Rep. Pat Ryan call for a permanent ceasefire.

Chicago Mayor calls for a ceasefire

Representing more than 2.5 million people, Mayor Brandon Johnson called for a ceasefire as the city’s alderpersons deliberate on a council resolution. 49 cities and counties representing more than 8.5 million people have already issued such calls. If your local government has not yet made the demand, the Council on American–Islamic Relations (CAIR) has created a toolkit to help you make that happen.

National political support

65 members of Congress, including 5 Senators, have now called for a ceasefire or cessation of hostilities. Of those, 18 are co-sponsors of Rep. Cori Bush’s resolution. Meanwhile, more then 1,000 USAID officials have also joined the call. Are your Senators and Reps. signed on? If not, call them today and every day!

South Africa: We Charge Genocide

Countries supporting South Africa genocide case

Court verdict: Israel must “take all measures” to not violate the Genocide Convention, must “prevent and punish” incitements to commit genocide, and must enable the provision of basic services and humanitarian assistance. The court has also required Israel to submit a report on measures taken.

State and local electeds

Over 175 state and local elected officials around urged Biden to immediately call for a permanent ceasefire. Are your local elected officials on the list? If not, tell them to sign on today at bit.ly/CeasefireNowLetter.

Got more news and photos to share?

Please send more reports and pictures showing local party and YCL involvements in the struggle for a ceasefire to editors@cpusa.org.

Images: Cease Fire bulletin (CPUSA); SEIU marching by Dean Preston (Facebook) / CWA members rally in solidarity with NYGuild members by CWA District 1 (Facebook); North Bergen march for Palestine by Cameron Orr (People’s World); Press conference for ceasefire resolution in D.C. by dante_ohara (Instagram); Mayor Brandon Johnson speaking by Mayor Brandon Johnson (Twitter/X); Vigil recognizing lives lost in Palestine and Israel by Rep. Cori Bush (Twitter/X); Video screenshot: South Africa accuses Israel of genocide in Gaza at ICJ by CGTN; Local elected officials on day four of a hunger strike demanding Biden and Congress back a permanent ceasefire by Rana Abdelhamid رانا عبدالحميد (Twitter/X); CPUSA at the January 13 March on Washington for Gaza by People’s World (CC BY-NC 2.0 DEED)



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