China and U.S. CP leaders meet

BY:CPUSA International Department| March 19, 2021
China and U.S. CP leaders meet


International solidarity was the theme of a meeting of Chinese and U.S. Communist Party leaders held on March 10.

The International Department of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and the International Commission of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CPC) held a bilateral meeting to celebrate and discuss the 100th anniversary of the CPC. Rossana Cambron, national co-chair of the CPUSA, and Alvaro Rodriguez, International Secretary of the CPUSA, led the CPUSA’s delegation.

The history and friendship of both parties were expressed and celebrated. Tony Pecinovsky, a CPUSA organizer and labor historian, presented the last 100 years of the militant history of the USA to our Chinese comrades beginning in 1919 with our foundation, and expanding on our leading and participatory roles we played in the labor and people’s movements over the past century. From sending comrades to defend the Second Spanish Republic from the fascist hordes to organizing a global movement to free Angela Davis, the CPUSA has always been at the front lines of the struggle for democracy and socialism.

Comrade Zhou, the CPC’s international secretary, remembered 100 years of CPUSA-CPC friendship in addition to 100 years of USA-Chinese relations: ones that have not always been easy. “We remember how Americans came to help us during the War of Japanese Aggression, we remember the solidarity that the CPUSA showed the CPC during this time of resistance,” he stated proudly.

Comrade Yinchun, a member of the CPC’s central committee and international commission, gave an analysis of China’s recent eradication of extreme poverty, particularly in Fujian Province, whose example was applied to other provinces for economic development. “Our socialist market economy has lifted millions out of dire poverty, and by 2035, they will have achieved an even higher standard of life,” she said.

Rossana Cambron recalled the last time she was in China as a delegate of the CPUSA. “I fell terribly ill and was so warmly and professionally received by medical professionals,” she said. In an emotional response, Comrade Zhou stated, “The Chinese people read Rossana’s story and were deeply moved about her experience in a Chinese hospital” and were thankful for her telling the story to the American public.

Despite the CPUSA and CPC being briefly estranged during the Sino-Soviet split of the 1960s and ’70s, the parties have been working to strengthen their solidarity and the relationships between their working classes for nearly two decades now.

In response to a question about climate change policy, Comrade Yinchun responded that China takes environment policy very seriously and implements economic development with due consideration of environmental regulations and climate change agreements. Responding to questions about how young people in the U.S. perceive socialism and the CPUSA, Comrade Maicol stated that most young people have a positive attitude toward socialism, especially after the political election campaigns by Bernie Sanders. The CPUSA has attracted a lot of interest from young people, and increasing numbers of young people are applying for membership.

The PRC has been engaged in humanitarian efforts to ship COVID-19 vaccines to many developing countries. In a time when many developed capitalist countries are producing and hoarding vaccines, it demonstrates real international solidarity. We agree that peace, multilateralism, and win-win outcomes should be the goals for international relations. The CPUSA will continue to work in the interest of world peace, international solidarity, and cooperation rather than international confrontation.

Images:  top, Zheng C (CC BY-NC 2.0); Comrade Zhou, International Secretary, CPC.



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