Constitution of the CPUSA

BY:Oak Park, Illinois Club| September 21, 2001

Proposed resolution submitted
by the Oak Park, Illinois Club of the Communist Party USA to the National
Convention of the Communist Party USA

our 27th National Convention will be reviewing and revising our Party’s
Constitution; and

there is a discussion in the Party about the nature of the Party and the
criteria for Party membership; and

it is imperative that we recruit the most advanced and class-conscious
sections of the working class; and

the history of the world Communist movement shows that any weakening of
Leninist organizational standards weakens the Party politically;

Therefore, be it resolved that the Oak Park Club reaffirms the Leninist
definition of Party membership, embodied in the following Sections of
Article III of our Party’s Constitution:

An applicant for membership shall be endorsed by at least two members
of the Communist Party in good standing. Such application shall be subject
to approval by a majority vote of the club to which the applicant is presented.
In unorganized territory, in the absence of a club, the application shall
be presented for processing and approval to the next leading committee
having jurisdiction.

A Party member shall study and accept the Party Constitution and the Party
Program as determined by the Convention, belong to a Party club, be willing
to participate in the work of the club and the Party, carry out its decisions
and pay dues. Membership in the Communist Party is a voluntary act of
the individual.

Party members three months in arrears in payment of dues cease to be members
in good standing and shall be so informed by their club leadership. Members
who are six months in arrears shall be dropped from Party membership after
effort has been made by the club leadership, through personal interviews,
to bring such members into good standing. They may, however, apply for
readmission within six months, and upon approval of the club be permitted
to pay back dues and regain their former standing.

Be it further
resolved that the Oak Park Club calls upon the Constitution Committee,
the Illinois State Convention, and the 27th National Convention of our
Party to likewise reaffirm and maintain these sections of our Party’s

Passed by
the Oak Park Club on April 12, 2001.


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