Convention discussion: Two tactics for raising class consciousness

BY:Charlie| March 16, 2019


 Question of the week: 
How have changes in capitalist production shifted the composition and organization of the 
workforce, and the working class as a whole? What have trends like automation, 
uberization, and online collaboration meant for the participation and status of women in the 
workforce? Of youth?


Man, that’s a hard one because I live in a predominantly conservative, Republican area in California (Apple Valley). It’s one of the every few remaining places for that oppressive mindset. Probably one of the best approaches is to building such consciousness is to find at least one other person who is as close to mine or equal to mine and then start creating dialogue and from there, branch out by proposing a tactic of reaching out to others, but very slowly.

One very good technique to use, in my opinion, is to illustrate the core beliefs of Communism/socialism by discussing our desire to protect the working class/people, protecting the environment at all costs, creating equality across the board, all of the tents of Communist belief and then denouncing dictators at the same time who use Communism as a platform for their actions, which is very sad in itself. Then when it’s time, announce that the beliefs they hold are actual beliefs of Communism and not something to decry, deny or be against.

Communism isn’t about being dictators. And that’s an image that needs to be denounced and active campaigns against dictators should happen within the Communist Party and community at large.The reason I go to these approaches is for the reasons I stated at the very beginning. I live in a very conservative area of California. Something that seems out of place considering the majority of the state’s Democratic, but still not socialist enough for my taste. And if I, or anyone else who believes in and fights for Communism, were to present a lot at once, it’ll overwhelm all of these people, so we must do so very slowly. I think, and this is a suggestion towards the Party itself, we should have a phone app that we can download and have voting options, petitions to sign,whatever else we need to do, even pay dues that way. But, in closing, a major asset to have is knowledge of our tenets of belief sand not being afraid to discuss them with anyone and if someone becomes outraged over them, just remain calm and try to keep explaining if possible and if not, just kindly excuse yourself and move on. Thank you for providing this email address. Now I feel I can talk to the Party directly and that makes me feel really good. IN SOLIDARITY! Communism forever!


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