CP International Department contribution to NC

BY:CPUSA International Department| July 14, 2023
CP International Department contribution to NC


On the international front, we are seeing monumental events occur on a nearly weekly basis. As Lenin said, “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” Looking around the world, it is clear that at this time, decades are happening.

We are seeing the slow collapse of U.S. hegemony and the birth of a multi-polar world, something that we have not seen since the illegal dissolution of the U.S.S.R. 30-plus years ago. The People’s Republic of China is showing the world that the neoliberal international order is not the only option. The BRICS economic bloc continues to grow, the nations of Latin America are creating an alternative to the U.S.-dominated OAS, and an ever-increasing number of countries are beginning to trade in currencies other than the U.S. dollar.

In response to these threats to its hegemonic rule, U.S. imperialism is on the march in every inhabited continent across the world. The U.S.-ruled NATO bloc continued to expand eastward, leading to the current disastrous war in Ukraine, and has brought the world to the brink of nuclear conflict. Despite this disaster, NATO has continued to expand into Finland and Sweden, and has now opened offices in Tokyo, Japan, with the goal of spreading NATO to the Asia Pacific. NATO’s expansion into Asia, along with the Quad and AUKUS, is meant to confront China. This is yet another example of U.S. imperialism pushing the world toward disastrous wars in which the working class will once again be sent to kill and be killed so that the defense contractors can earn more.

The U.S. government continues to spend nearly a trillion dollars on the military and sends hundreds of billions to vassal militaries around the world, all while telling the U.S. working class that there is no money for healthcare, infrastructure, or student debt relief. This hypocrisy highlights the connection between the international struggle and the domestic struggle.

The U.S. has also recently sent troops to Peru to help support the right-wing government that came to power after the recent congressional coup in Lima. Republicans in the U.S. Congress are openly pushing for a U.S. military intervention in Mexico, and the left-wing president of Colombia is sounding the alarm that his country must be prepared to face U.S.-sponsored coup attempts.

As in the U.S., the fascist danger continues to spread across the capitalist world. In Italy, Israel, Finland, Sweden, Poland, India, Philippines, Japan, and in many other countries, extremist, fascistic governments are in power. Like the far right in the U.S., these extremist governments push militaristic, jingoistic, xenophobic policies. This once again shows the connection between the fight abroad and the fight at home.

Our party’s International Department has made efforts to spread working-class internationalist consciousness and anti-imperialist education. Through webinars, articles, and the upcoming 2nd International Conference on Imperialism, our party is helping to educate the U.S. working class, with the goal of planting the seeds for a working-class-led peace movement.

The International Department has also made every effort to build closer ties with our fraternal parties around the world. We routinely send messages of solidarity, send representatives to join meetings and congresses, and hold joint educational webinars, thereby creating a bond between our members and the international working class.

Image: People demonstrate in a national anti-war effort (Not In Our Name)


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