CP says time to organize for peace

BY:Peace conference collective| June 29, 2023
CP says time to organize for peace


The following presentation was made at the June 2023 CPUSA National Committee by CPUSA co-chair Rossana Cambron on behalf of a collective preparing for a peace conference in November.

The peace movement has long been a vital force, playing decisive roles in opposing U.S. military interventions abroad. Building on the peace sentiment of the majority of the U.S. people, it has stood up to threats of nuclear war and the military corporations’ profit-driven feeding of the Pentagon’s war machine.

Today, as wars in Ukraine and other parts of the world threaten to grow into wider conflicts, it is needed more than ever.

Voices for peace, however, have grown muted. And the once broad and diverse peace movement has narrowed as new enemies are found to justify the vast resources wasted on war preparations. One day it’s the Muslim world, the next a new Cold War against anyone opposing U.S. imperialist domination. Countries like China, Cuba, and Venezuela pursuing a socialist path are special targets.

In the absence of organized pushback from the U.S. people, a bipartisan majority in Congress have voted for obscene military budgets today exceeding $1 trillion per year.

What can be done to change this situation? At our winter meeting, the National Committee decided to bring party activists together in a conference to address these issues. Since then the National Board, the Peace and Solidarity Commission, and the International Department have been working with a party and YCL collective to plan a fall peace conference.

We’re happy to announce that the conference will be held November 11th and 12th here in New York. The lead up to the conference will be as important as the event itself. Its preparation must include talking with friends and allies in the peace movement about the current challenges. At the same time, exchanges with allies outside of the peace movement will be invaluable. This is important as we grapple with reimagining the fight for peace and how to engage what might be called “non-traditional” peace forces, including unions, civil rights groups, faith communities, and rank-and-file folks from the community. Around what issues and campaigns might they be involved as we try to bring working-class forces into the fight for peace?

We must mobilize districts and clubs to participate in this process, including members new and old.

We must frame the public portions of the conference to attract allies and friends into dismantling the military-industrial state and redirecting resources into human needs.

The party must engage all the tools at our disposal to gain the immediate attention of, and participation by, our country’s diverse working class, unifying our social movements to the struggle for people, peace and planet. After this meeting we’re issuing a call to the conference. Please help circulate it widely.

There is no greater urgency. See you in November.

Thank you.

Image: people protest the war in Ukraine (Peace Action)


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