BY:CPUSA Organizing Department| October 6, 2001

September 12, 2001

TO: All clubs, National Committee members, districts
FR: National Board

Dear comrades,

Like all
of you, we have spent the last 24 hours trying to absorb the meaning
of yesterday’s terrible events. Last night, we had a conference call
meeting of Party leaders from across the country to discuss an initial
Party statement.

Our approach
is that we need to respond, but that we must be thoughtful and careful
in doing so. You will see that our statement is rather brief; at tomorrow’s
meeting of the National Board we will further discuss the situation
and how we should respond.

We felt
that it was important that our Party’s initial reaction focus on condemning
terrorism and expressing horror and sorrow at what has happened. Obviously,
this is an event of such magnitude that it will take time to think through
all of its ramifications. At the same time, we encourage every member
of the Party to engage in the national discussion about terrorism that
is taking place. Some issues are clear: this must not be
allowed to become the basis for anti-Arab and anti-immigrant attacks,
nor for a call to retreat or give up on the many vital ongoing struggles
for peace and justice. That these terrible acts may lead to escalating
violence and war is a real danger that concerns many people. And, of
course, for everyone, in addition to shock and horror there is the question
of why and how such a thing could happen. We shouldn’t shy away from
discussing the roots of, and reasons for, terrorism, but this is a long
term question. Yesterday’s events will profoundly shape our world, and
have many dimensions we will have to examine and think through.

For the
most part, discussions about what happened will be on an informal basis,
with co-workers, family and friends, but of course where possible we
should seek to talk with people we work with politically, write letters
to the editor, call in to radio talk shows, etc.

This week’s
PWW will be a very abbreviated edition,
and will include a number of articles on the tragedy in addition to
the Party’s statement.

So far,
our plans for using the statement include sending it out to the media,
posting it on our web page and on a number of listservs, and sending
it out internationally. We encourage comrades to post the statement
on whatever listservs they belong to as well.

We also
strongly urge every district to organize a meeting for members and friends
as soon as possible. We’ll be in touch as things develop.


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