Energy Crisis Part II

BY:Evelina Alarcon| September 22, 2001

W. Bush’s covert connection to the California energy crisis is unraveling
as Republicans are about to introduce a 250-page-plus bill on energy.
While all the specifics have not been revealed yet, what is clear is that
the GOP is putting forward an unprecedented pro US oil corporation bill
in the name of securing our energy. This bill is on their front burner
for passage and they will be exploiting the California crisis every step
of the way.

The bill
to be introduced next week by Senator Frank Murkowski (R-Alaska), Chair
of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, is called the National
Security Energy Act. The GOP push includes Majority Whip of the House,
Tom DeLay (R-Texas), being put in charge of coordinating energy legislation

If adopted,
the legislation will open the doors wide for US oil corporations to amass
super profits. The bill aims to reduce US importing of oil from the Arab
nations and replace it with good ol’ US corporate oil. The bill also calls
for opening up Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling
— what Dubya has called the cornerstone of moving away from reliance
on foreign oil.

Huge tax
cuts (incentives) await US oil and energy corporations in the legislation.
A provision is written to have the federal government pay half the cost
of installing clean-coal technology in power plants, and another to renew
royalty payment relief to oil companies that drill deep-water wells in
the Gulf of Mexico.

It is more
than interesting that Iraq was bombed right before this omnibus bill appears.
About 750,000 barrels of oil a day come to the US from Iraq. Creating
an evil empire before the eyes of America in order to smooth the way for
corporate America oil profiteering has been done before. George Bush,
Sr. is an expert at it.

told the media, "We’re 56% dependent on imported oil in this country.
How much further does it have to go before our national energy security
is at risk?"

That is ironic,
considering that there is nothing in the proposed bill which will help
secure California out of its energy crisis. No caps on wholesale prices
are proposed for Southern power generating companies that are making record
breaking profits while manipulating supply to California’s consumers.
No caps on gas companies that are doubling and tripling their rates across
the nation. Where is the security for US people from these corporate energy
rip offs? Instead, like Arab countries have been demonized in order to
justify war for US oil corporation profits, the California crisis will
be demonized to justify Republican pro oil and gas magnate legislation.

The GOP will
stick to their false story that California Democrats and regulators caused
the crisis in California. They will play down the fault of deregulation,
which was driven by former Republican Governor Pete Wilson and Dubya’s
main California man today, Republican Senator James Brulte, the author
of deregulation legislation.

Bush and
Cheney will continue to cover up their total connection to the Southern-based
power cartel, led by the Enron Corporation based in Houston, which are
making hand over foot profits off the misery of California consumers.
Californians sense the underhanded role of power generating companies
and utilities — that is why 57% of them polled last week don’t believe
there are real shortages. Californians disapprove of Bush’s handling of
the California energy crisis but they do not yet fully realize that it
is his administration that is totally connected to helping the power cartel
rip off California and the whole country.

Lest one forget, George Bush, Sr., prior to becoming president, was the
head of the CIA. The CIA is expert at manipulating supply of natural resources
as a key strategic maneuver to starve the enemy and win wars. California
is the latest victim of the "energy corporation vs. the people"

The signs
were all there for this scenario. The oil industry pumped in over $1.5
million into George W.’s campaign. Bush’s transition team for the Department
of Energy was almost exclusively made up of people affiliated with or
working for the extractive energy industry. Those companies included:
Phillips Petroleum, Enron, Kennecott, Southern California Edison, the
National Mining Association and the Nuclear Energy Institute.

Bush’s economic
summit, held earlier this month in Austin, was actually a get-together
with business leaders. The Austin meeting featured 36 top corporate executives,
including such major Republican donors as Kenneth Lay of Enron, John T.
Chambers of Cisco and Michael Dell of Dell Computer. What is developing
is a Bush/GOP full front press for adopting energy policy that will give
the oil and energy corporations the bank at the expense of the people
and energy resources of our country. Their mission is also global, their
target–the world. (For more on this, see next week’s third part on the
energy crisis.)


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