Five facts about the CPUSA

BY:Amiad Horowitz| July 27, 2020
Five facts about the CPUSA


1. The Communist Party USA is over 100 years old! We are one of the oldest political parties active in the United States today. We are very proud of our long history of activism and political work.


2. The Communist Party USA was one of the earliest political organizations in the US to fight for civil rights. Many people in the US believe the fight for civil rights and against Jim Crow began in the 1950s and 1960s, but it actually began much earlier. In the Party’s earliest days, it joined the fight for equality. In the South during the 1920s and ’30s, the Party fought against lynchings, organized for workplace integration, supported the Sharecroppers Union in Alabama, and fought for the freedom of the Scottsboro Nine.


3. The Communist party USA created Unemployed Councils during the Great Depression to help those most hurt by the economic disaster. These councils helped organize millions of unemployed Americans so that they could demand their rights and better protection from the government. Among other victories, this work led to the passage of the first unemployment relief package by the state of New York.


4. The Communist Party USA is not anti-religion. You may have been told that communists want everyone to be atheists, but this is simply not true. Many of our members hold religious views. In fact, our party has a Religion Commission that helps organize community activity and mutual aid projects with different religious institutions throughout the U.S.


5. Members of the CPUSA are indeed card-carrying Communists. If you want to be a proud card-carrying member, join now!



Cover image: Maicol Lynch, Facebook.
Images:  Scottsboro Nine and Unemployed Council march, People’s World Archives; Jesus and communist flag, Jacques Lebleu, Creative Commons (BY-NC 2.0).


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