Greetings from the Communist Party of India

BY:Communist Party of India| July 28, 2005

On behalf of the half-million members of the Communist Party of India (CPI), my revolutionary greetings to the leadership and delegates of the National Convention of the Communist Party, USA (CPUSA) and through you to all the members of the CPUSA.

I am happy to be here among you in Chicago, the center of heroic struggle of the working class, whose martyrdom still continues to inspire the entire working class all over the world. We understand that the CPUSA is working in a very difficult situation. As a matter of fact, the communists all over the world are fighting in a new complex situation after the collapse of socialism in Soviet Union and East European countries. U.S. imperialism is ruthlessly pushing to establish a unipolar world and trying to get an unchallenged hegemony over it through direct military actions and by twisting the arms of the third world countries, through WTO, World Bank, IMF and such camouflaged fiancial institutions.

The capitalist Globalization coupled with scientific, technological revolution has increased production and wealth enormously. But this wealth is being concentrated in the hands of a few, while very large sections of population are denied the basic necessities of food, shelter, drinking water and education. People of third world countries are the worst sufferers of Globalization. There is enough food and wealth to meet the needs of the entire mankind on the Globe, but the needy are left out. Naturally it will not be changed by mercy appeals or by reasoning but by the uncomprimising class battles.

The unjust undemocratic war on Iraq and the threats of pre-emptive attacks on the so-called rogue countries, are creating a more dangerous situation to World Peace. Oil politics are making the life of people around the world miserable. India and South Asian countries have 40 percent of the worlds poor people. They are facing a grave threat of abnormal increase of the prices of food grains and essential commodities, due to increase in oil prices. The price of oil has reached $60 per barrel this week. 400 million people are living below the poverty line in our country. 40 million youth are unemployed and 200 million are underemployed. Any further increase in international oil prices will upset development plans in India, Asia and Third World countries. It is in this background, the U.S. Government has offered F-16 Aircrafts to Pakistan and F-18 Aircrafts to India, the traditional rivals.

The CPI, Left and the democratic forces in India and the democratic forces of Pakistan are propagating for negotiations and lasting Peace between put two countries that will help to reduce the military budget and divert it for the peoples welfare and development schemes.

There are sixty-one communists in Indian Parliament today, the highest ever since the Independence of our country. This is due to the strong support of the farmers and labour unions. This is despite the media portraying communists as out of touch. The present Government is in power only with the support of the communists. We decided not to join the government, but to support it from outside basing on the Common Minimum Programme. In spite of many ups and downs, the people at large appreciate the role of the Left. Though it is a bourgeois government, it has become necessary for us to support, in order to keep the reactionary and the religious fundamentalists out of power. We hope we will succeed in improving the living conditions of our people.

We the communists of India are inspired by the struggle and victories of China, Vietnam, Cuba and other socialist countries. The valiant struggle of the people of Venezuela and other Latin American countries against the onslaught of imperialism is raising new hopes among the people of the world. We wish them all success.

Your fight in the USA to rouse the consciousness and democratic awareness among the people, to build a powerful democratic alternative in your country is crucial. I congratulate the communists of the USA for successfully fighting back the unprecedented attacks, humiliation, intimidation and persecution of the communists activists by the ruling circles, from the dark days of McCarthyism. I am happy note that, the large sections of people in USA are realizing and coming out openly against the imperialist policies of the ruling classes. We wish you all the success in your battle to build a strong Communist Party, USA.

Long live Marxism-Leninism!
Long live Proletarian Internationalism!
Long live CPI!
Long live CPUSA!

S. Sudhakar Reddy, MP
National Council


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