International Notes: Communists condemn bombing of Syria

April 23, 2018
International Notes: Communists condemn bombing of Syria


World communist movement  condemns U.S. and allied bombing of Syria

Fifty  communist and workers parties have signed a joint statement denouncing the U.S. bombing of Syria.  Several other organizations have also signed on, and the list is still open for signatures.
The communist parties state that they consider that the bombing of Syria by the United States, the United Kingdom and France constitutes “an unacceptable act of aggression, which is a clear violation of the United Nations Charter and international law”.  They add that the attack “is an integral part of the escalation of wars and aggression of imperialism, with unpredictable and dangerous consequences for Syria, for the Middle East and for the world.” The communist parties call for solidarity with the Syrian people and an end to outside interference in that country.


Italy: Communist Refoundation rejects military bases

The Communist Refoundation Party of Italy (Rifondazione Comunista), one of several communist parties in that country, points out that Italy now hosts a total of 59 U.S. military bases, some of which, with nuclear capacity, are of very great strategic importance.  This bases have allowed U.S. military forces to launch military operations in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. This means that Italy is inevitably involved in such operations.
The Communist Refoundation calls for an end to secret military agreements.  “Italy does not need enemies, but rather peace, stability, and international relations based on cooperation”.


India: Communists denounce rape

The Politbureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) deplores the rape and murder of an eight year old girl in Kathua, in Jammu and Kashmir, and the subsequent reaction of authorities and politicians.  The victim was a member of the Bakerwal nomadic ethnic group, who are mostly Sunni Muslims.
The crime itself was horrible enough, but worse was the fact that evidently police and politicians connected to Jammu State’s conservative government tried to cover for the likely perpetrators.  And worse yet was the fact that a Hindu extremist group, Hindu Ekta Manch, jumped into the issue and has tried to turn it into a matter of Muslims versus Hindus, phrased in India as “communalizing” the matter.  The Communist Party of India (Marxist) also denounces a similar, though non-fatal situation which occurred in Unnao, in Uttar Pradesh State. In that case, the man accused of the crime was a member of the Legislative Assembly for the right wing Bharatiya Janata Party, of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.  The Communists demand criminal prosecution for obstruction of justice against politicians and lawyers involved in the scandal.


Colombia:  Communist Party announces its support for president

The Communist Party of Colombia has announced its support for the candidacy of Gustavo Petro in the May 27 elections. Petro, the former mayor of the Colombian capital, Bogotá, is running as the candidate of the seven party Decency Coalition.  Petro and his supporters stress ending entrenched corruption, fighting against inequality and protecting the natural environment, among other things. The communists say that a Petro victory could bring about a transitional government who could build on the peace agreement with the FARC guerrilla movement and lead to advances in workers’ rights and social justice.
The communists warn that a victory by right-wing  candidates such as Ivan Duque of the Grand Alliance and Democratic Center Party or former Vice President German Vargas Lleras, would not permit fulfillment of the needs of the Colombian people.

Image: By Qasioun News Agency – “Idlib: Airstrikes Hit Bedama Town”, CC BY 3.0,




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