Judith Le Blanc: Back in Israel

October 22, 2002

People’s Weekly World reporter goes back to Israel and Palestine.

Special coverage of the Israel-Palestinian conflict will continue next week
with on-the-scene reports from Judith Le Blanc.

While attending the Communist Party of Israels Congress, Oct. 10-12, she will
be tracking the crisis in the region in light of the Bush administrations drive
to go to war with Iraq.

You have read the reports from Hans Lebrecht in Israel on the great peace movement
upsurge underway. In the last two weeks, the siege of the national headquarters
of the Palestinian Authoritys President Yasser Arafat underscores the humanitarian
crisis, which continues to escalate as the targets of the Israeli army are increasingly

As the Israeli labor movement resists the right-wing Sharon governments attempts
to put the economic crisis accelerated by the illegal occupation of the West
Bank and Gaza on the backs of the working people, we need to hear their voices
on why peace in the Middle East is necessary. So watch for Le Blancs reports
from the cities and towns where Communists, religious, peace and labor activists
and elected officials are organizing for a negotiated settlement to establish
two states.

Read about their efforts to end the right-wing Sharon governments aggression.
Find out more about why the establishment of two states can provide a new balance
of forces despite the Bush administrations attempts to continue their control
of the region and its oil with ‘pre-emptive military action.’

Check the People’s Weekly World for audio feeds from the region, including interviews with
the activists who are organizing for peace. Look for interviews in the next
two weeks with the people who are suffering from the impact of U.S. policies
in the Middle East. Spread the word on listservs, post the articles and order
extra copies of the People’s Weekly World!


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