Leonard Peltier

BY:Florida District| September 21, 2001

Proposed resolution submitted
by the Florida District to the National Convention of the Communist Party

Leonard Peltier, a Native American citizen of this country has now been
imprisoned for 25 years following a highly controversial conviction (with
what has since been shown to be suborned and false testimony) for the
murder of two FBI agents during the 1975 "reign of terror" on
the Pine Ridge Reservation;

Mr. Peltier has been denied a new trial in a case where even the United
States Attorney admits that no one knows who fired the fatal shots;

Mr. Peltier was not even tested at the time of the shootings for gun power
residue on his hands;

The caliber of bullets found in the FBI agents did not match the caliber
of Mr. Peltier’s weapon;

Mr. Peltier has become a symbol of ongoing United States Government repression
against the Native American people of this country;

Whereas Mr. Peltier has been a model prisoner and has an impressive record
of human rights work from his prison cell;

Mr. Peltier has over the years been denied adequate medical attention
until it was life-threatening and the public demanded that something be
done to save his life;

Mr. Peltier has been arbitrarily denied parole, although he is nine years
overdue for parole,

Mr. Peltier should have been given his probative release date over fifteen
years ago according to the Comprehensive Crime Control Act passed by Congress
in 1984;

BE IT RESOLVED: That we urge the National Convention of the Communist
Party USA to demand the immediate release of Leonard Peltier and all other
Political Prisoners.

Florida State Convention, Tampa, April 28, 2001


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