March and Rally Against the War: December 14

BY:Uptown Youth for Peace| December 6, 2002

Assembly at 12 Noon at 157th St & Broadway — March at 1 PM to 125th St. and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd for a rally at 2:30 PM at the Harlem State Office Building

Initiated by Uptown Youth for Peace and Justice, a coalition representing the following sectors and areas of our community has come together to plan this event: local and city-wide anti-war groups, community organizations, youth groups, immigrant rights, Labor, churches and tenants rights.

We recognize the urgency of opposing this war, which would represent not only an attack on the innocent people of Iraq, but also on our communities at home. Unemployment is on the rise and the economy is struggling. The military budget is almost $400 billion– 5 times higher than any other country. Where is the money coming from? The money comes from social programs that protect our basic rights as human beings.

The people are funding this war; with our tax dollars, our housing, our hospitals and schools.

The governor has declared that a child needs no more than an eighth grade education. Meanwhile, letters are flooding our high schools requesting information for the army, and recruiters are descending upon City college campuses like hawks. Young, working-class folks of color are the targets.

Where can a young person go without a quality education? Without a chance for good employment? The answer from Bush and his boys is simple: either jail or war. Those are the options.

On December 14, 2002 thousands will hit the streets of Harlem and Washington Heights to let our voices be heard.

The following organizations have endorsed this event: Black Radical Congress, La Fuerza de La Revolucion, Movimiento Pro PSD, Northern Manhattan Neighbors for Peace and Justice, West Harlem Coalition, Unidos Contra La Guerra, Harlem Washington Heights CP USA, Cuba Solidarity New York, 1199 for Peace and Justice, Youth Bloc, Casa de las Americas, Harlem Tenants Council, International Socialist Organization, CCNY Against the War, Vieques Support Campaign, Harlem Anti-War Coalition, West Harlem Coalition, Uptown Club YCL USA, Riverside Edgecombe Neighborhood Association, Congreso Nacional Dominicano, Alianza Dominicana, The Brecht Forum, Freedom Road Socialist Organization- NY/NJ District, Critical Resistance, Dominican Women’s Development Center, New York Coalition for Peace and Justice, Stand Up New York, New Yorkers Say No to War, CCNY Student Liberation Action Movement, War Resister’s League, West Side Peace Action, NY Not In Our Name, New York City Labor Against the War, Students for Educational Rights- CCNY, Bronx Peace Action, Union of Dominican Youth, Center for Immigrant Families.

For further information contact: Karim Lopez, 347-203-6157 or

PDF version of ‘March and Rally Against the War’ flyer – english and spanish


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