Marxist IQ: Earth Day edition

BY:Communist Party USA| April 21, 2023
Marxist IQ: Earth Day edition


1. While anti-Marxists accused Marx of being uninterested in environmental questions, Marx

a. saw capitalism as alienating people from nature.
b. saw the interaction of labor with the natural environment as the basis of wealth and civilization.
c. saw capitalist technology in agriculture turning the forces of production into forces of destruction of the land.
d. All of the above

2. In the 19th century, the early environmental movement — a response to industrial capitalism’s development — was called

a. Social Darwinism.
b. Conservation.
c. Populism.
d. Romanticism.

3. After WWII, conservative policies fostered a huge expansion of the use of leaded gasoline, pesticides, and other toxic chemicals. Which work awakened millions of people in the U.S. to the environmental destruction, which was being hailed as “progress”?

a. John Kenneth Galbraith, The Affluent Society
b. Tom Wolfe, The Right Stuff
c. Rachel Carson, Silent Spring
d. The Memoirs of Dwight Eisenhower

4. Barry Commoner, a prominent and committed socialist, became the most important theorist of the environmental movement. He developed the concept of ecology, or the inter-relationship of humans and nature. Commoner sought to

a. dismantle industrial society.
b. return to small villages and nature.
c. restructure industrial technology to create renewable and non-toxic forces of production through economic and social planning.
d. establish self-sufficient communes.

5. Which nation led the world last year in investments in low-carbon wind and solar power, produces 75% of the world’s solar panels, and over the last seven years has reduced air pollution seven times more than the United States has over the last 30 years?

a. The Russian Federation
b. France
c. The Peoples Republic of China
d. Germany

Answers here.


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