Marxist IQ: The earth in crisis

BY:Anita Waters| April 17, 2020
Marxist IQ: The earth in crisis


In honor of Earth Day and the environmental movement, we offer this quiz.

1. Earth Day, April 22, was first celebrated in which year?

a. 1848
b. 1918
c. 1970
d. 2000


2. The most pressing environmental problem of the latter half of the nineteenth century, which Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote about extensively, was

a. depletion of soil fertility.
b. persistent flooding of the industrial Ruhrgebiet.
c. global warming.
d. deforestation.


3. The effects of the fossil fuel industry include all the following EXCEPT:

a. toxic effects on the landscape in energy-producing areas.
b. deaths and injuries to workers.
c. modernized and well-maintained infrastructure.
d. vast wealth bankrolling political projects of the ruling class.


4. According to climate activist Greta Thunberg, what percentage of all global emissions are caused by the most polluting 100 companies?

a. Thirty-two
b. Forty-seven
c. Sixty-three
d. Seventy-one
e. One hundred


5. Progressive forces in the US have been rallying around the “Green New Deal.” The CPUSA’s position is that the Green New Deal

a. should receive full and enthusiastic support from our party and the entire labor movement.
b. should be revised to include more attention to renewable energy sources.
c. is a prescription for socialism.
d. should be amended to include guarantees for workers’ right to organize.


6. Plans for a progressive move toward a sustainable environment that does not disadvantage workers is known as a

a. reprisal compliance.
b. just transition.
c. allocation exclusion.
d. protected environmental status.


7. For Communists, to address the global climate crisis means

a. demilitarization at home and abroad.
b. working in solidarity with international groups fighting climate change.
c. reining in the power of fossil fuel producers.
d. All of the above.


8. In these days of the COVID-19 crisis, the Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency leapt into action and

a. produced hundreds of thousands of pieces of personal protective equipment.
b. suspended all enforcement of laws against dumping toxins into air and water.
c. analyzed the geographic spread of the virus accurately, saving thousands of lives.
d. set up hundreds of drive-through (or walk-up) COVID-19 test centers.

Answers here.


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