Marxist IQ: Spot quiz on labor history

BY:Communist Party USA| September 10, 2019
Marxist IQ: Spot quiz on labor history


1.  An  early champion of declaring Labor Day a national holiday in the late 19 century was:

a. President William McKinley;
b. Financier J. P. Morgan;
c.  Cigar Makers Union leader Samuel Gompers;
d.  Peter MaGuire, socialist leader of the Carpenters Union.


2.  In the U.S.  conservative “business unionists”  led by the American Federation of Labor (AFL) until the 1930s  supported:

a. Organizing skilled workers only;
b.  Accepting  discriminatory policies against minority and women workers;
c.  Opposing the formation of an independent labor political party;
d.  All of the above.


3. From the 1920s on, the Communist Party, USA, fought to establish:

a.  One big union;
b.  Cooperation between business and labor;
c.  Inclusive industrial unions open to all workers, regardless of skill, ethnicity or gender;
d.  Unions that stay out of politics.


4. Communist Party activists played a leading role in organizing most of  the  major strike  victories won by the American labor movement  in the 20th century. Which of these victories  did not have CPUSA activists playing a major role:

a. The San Francisco General Strike of 1934;
b. The Flint General Motors Strike of 1937;
c. The Ford Motor Company Strike of 1941;
d.  The Anthracite Coal Strike of 1903.



5.  Perhaps the most telling  example of  the long-term  effects of the Cold War based anti-Communist labor legislation and  purges of Communist and left leadership from unions is:

a. The sharp rise in real wages that American workers have experienced in the last 40 years;
b. The greater income equality that has developed over the last 40 years;
c. The decline in the percentage of unionized private sector workers from 35% in 1947 to  less than 10% today;
d. The improvement in pension and health care benefits that  unions have won in the last 40  years.



6. Donald Trump giving  a Labor Day speech this year would be as trustworthy as:

a.  Bernie Madoff establishing a new hedge fund;
b.  Confederate President Jefferson Davis proclaiming his support for racial equality;
c.  Publisher Rupert Murdoch proclaiming his support for socialism;
d.  All of the above.

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