Marxist IQ| August 30, 2014
Marxist IQ

1. The massive export of capital and jobs from the U.S. since the 1980s is the result of:

a. The high cost of labor due to the unions;
b. The huge increase in income and corporate taxes;
c. The Reagan and post-Reagan administration policies of deregulation of business and banking, detaxation of corporations and the wealthy, while continuing to subsidize capital with every conceivable bailout;
d. The high costs of regulation.

2. The trade union movement in the 1980s failed to effectively resist the export of capital because:

a. Its leadership was committed to socialism;
b. Its leadership engaged in militant strike actions;
c. Its leadership was divided between militants and moderates;
d. Its leadership had followed since 1947 the anti-communist Cold War status quo and policy of class and government collaboration and concessions and had no understanding or experience in organizing workers for mass struggle.

3. The Democratic Party as a political party in recent decades may best be described as

a. No different than the Republicans;
b. A militant peoples party;
c. A capitalist party that is roughly divided into two parts; one of which seeks to promote ruling class policies, and another that seeks to promote labor and pro-people policies;
d. The first party of big business and the rich.

4. The Obama administration has been the subject of extreme attacks by all the forces of reaction because:

a. The new forces that the Obama campaign brought into politics in 2008 was seen as a serious threat to the maintenance of the Reagan and post Reagan status quo;
b. The fact that Obama during and after the campaign condemned the Reagan and post Reagan economic policies as failures and called for new progressive policies;
c. The fact that Obama, as an African American, threatened to undermine racist ideology which had served as a central weapon to divide the people through American history;
d. All of the above.

5. The tea party of recent years may best be seen as:

a. A recycled version of the far right funded lavishly by the most reactionary sectors of the capitalist class and sold through mass media in an uncritical manner, in the equivalent of infomercials;
b. A group motivated by libertarian, pro civil liberties and pro civil rights principles;
c. A group strongly committed to individual freedom of conscience and the strict separation of church and state;
d. A group fighting equally against the power of big government, big business and big labor.


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